Joey Chua Shuts Down Rumors She Faked Her Divorce Once Again

Joey Chua Shuts Down Rumors She Faked Her Divorce Once Again

Malaysian native, Joey Chua (蔡卓宜), who grew popular after joining iQiyi’s “Youth With You 2” last year, was one of the trainees constantly talked about. When she was competing on “Youth With You 2”, her past divorce was a topic netizens used against her saying she wasn’t suitable to debut as an idol because of her divorce and age. She was also accused of getting plastic surgery and even being a secret mother, which she has denied.

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Back in April 2020, she also had to deal with rumors she faked her divorce when netizens discovered her ex-husband had kept their pictures on Instagram and still liked her posts. Joey Chua’s company denied the allegations and stated she was single. However, on February 7, rumors started circulating again that Joey Chua had faked her divorce or wasn’t “completely divorced”, and more.

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On February 8, Joey Chua shut down all the divorce rumors with a big red “Fake” character on all the posts. She also wrote, “Was eating melons* in the middle of the night and ate my own melons. What’s the problem? I divorced very cleanly.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2)

*”eating melons” in Chinese entertainment industry refers to gossiping or staying for the tea.