Xiao Zhan Pens Heartfelt Post about the “AO3 227” Incident One Year Later

Xiao Zhan Pens Heartfelt Post One Year After the "AO3 227" Incident

February 27, 2021 marks one year since the “AO3 227” incident that resulted in a collective ban from the creative community that almost destroyed a promising and flourishing artist’s career and the beginning of a long and difficult journey to recover. Last year, Xiao Zhan spent most of his time pondering and reflecting during the months after the “227 incident” and the subsequent backlash and setbacks he suffered for what he and his studio would later take blame for their “lack of positive guidance of fans“.

Xiao Zhan’s Manager Denies Being Mastermind Behind AO3 Scandal

It would be more than half a year after “227” until Xiao Zhan started actively promoting again. Since then, he had to weather many frivolous claims and smear campaigns targeted at him. His first mainstream event was at the “Everybody Stand By 2” finale on December 05, 2020, where you could sense a bit of vulnerability from him. About two weeks later, he performed again with a “red ocean” of his fans supporting him. His fans rose to the occasion once more when he performed at the Dragon TV New Year’s Eve Gala. It seemed like the old Xiao Zhan, who yearned for the stage, was back again.

Xiao Zhan and his studio have since apologized for the “227” incident and his past remarks before, which have been criticized by netizens that it came too late and wasn’t sincere enough. While things have improved, Xiao Zhan and his team continue to recover from last year’s AO3 scandal.

Exactly one year later, Xiao Zhan revisits the AO3 incident again and pens a heartfelt post sharing his thoughts about the events that transpired. He titled the post: “Some Words I Want To Say”

“Today, I have some words to say to everyone. I thought about a lot of ways. In the end, I still chose to use the most simple format to tell everyone about my feelings and understandings from the past year. These thoughts might not represent anything, and more so, might not even resolve anything, but I still hope to say these words today.

This time last year, the scandal happened very suddenly like a barrel of dynamite suddenly exploding. It made me completely dazed. My phone completely blew up, the WeChat notification tones never stopped. Everyone’s opinions and problems were all uniformly thrown towards me. I wanted to say something at the time, but I didn’t know what to say either. I had a lot of apprehension in my mind. I was afraid one word, one sentence would be over-interpreted and magnified, then cause more scandals. So at the time, I chose not to say anything.

Unexpectedly, the opposing emotions of the internet’s public opinion amongst differing (fan) circles was like a rolling snowball that kept growing bigger, it kept getting more involved, and gradually lost control. Even if I wanted to address it later on to salvage it, everything was no longer how I expected it to develop.

This type of rupturing and tumultuous lifestyle lasted until now. As for my condition in the past year, it’s like experiencing countless slow and muddled tunnels. Unease, reflection, struggles…I have also questioned what I did wrong after all, why did everything seem like an uncontrollable ship after that day.

I spent a lot of time to digest it. Later on, I spent even more time to find out about it, to understand everyone’s words and actions. Slowly, I started to understand everyone’s criticisms about me. From the moment I didn’t express my stance, I had already missed out on the window to rationally communicate with everyone. I was wrong from the start.

At that moment, I still wasn’t able to clearly comprehend the whole situation. I didn’t clearly understand the direction of everyone’s emotions and I definitely didn’t understand that as a public figure, what type of responsibility I should bear at that moment. Because of this, I missed out on the opportunity to communicate with everyone and also missed out on the responsibility to defuse this type of opposing sentiments. It’s very clear to me now and I understand and recognize that during this year, everyone’s questioning and criticisms about me regarding the “idol’s silence” are correct. In this past year, I have constantly reflected, as a public figure, besides constantly improving my work ability, I need to be even more responsible, be socially responsible, and have the courage to express the correct values. Within the scope of my abilities, guide those who like and follow me. Despite my studio and I expressing some of our stances through Weibo and interviews this past year, but due to this incident that was caused by me and the the opposing views of different circles, the pain that was caused is still hard to cure.

No matter how late it is, my own problems need to be corrected. I hope to create my first stance here — Xiao Zhan, for last year’s “silence”, sincerely apologizes to the people who were hurt or affected by me. This is the first responsibility I must bear facing the public, facing the problem, admitting the mistakes.

At the same time, I also hope to use this opportunity to say some words to my fans. This is the second responsibility I must bear. In the first interview last year, I once said, I didn’t really agree with the wording of “managing” fans because everyone is an independent individual. Regardless if it’s me or my studio, we have no authority to use a superior-subordinate relationship to interact with them. Afterwards, I kept pondering repeatedly, perhaps I have no way to use “manage” to define the relationship between fans, but I have the obligation to “properly guide, proactively advocate.” So today, I want to say to my fans, every person has the right to like and hate. Whether it’s liking or hating, it should be respected and allowed to exist in each other’s expression spaces. Of course, this type of right should be ideal on both sides, not create harm to others, and conforms to the guidance of proper values. I hope my fans can understand that no matter which industry, which age, your own hobbies or actions shouldn’t cross boundaries, go out of line, and especially can’t do anything that violates professional standards. I also hope every person won’t be represented by “so and so’s fans”, a title we created ourselves, won’t use this to form completely opposing stands, and definitely don’t use this stance to determine right from wrong. Every person has their own interests and preferences, fully respect every individual’s choice and freedom of speech regardless if they like or hate me, it’s the individual’s right. Deep love, it should be the source of power for everyone. I hope this source doesn’t consume or even hurt anyone. Perhaps I have no way of changing the entire environment, but at least starting with you guys and me, today can be a new starting point.

Lastly, I want to talk to everyone about myself. Since I stepped into this industry, to this day, I’ve been constantly defined by some labels. However, the original intentions I had when I entered into this circle came from the deep love I had for performing and music. It’s also because of this, I’ve been constantly working hard to become an even more professional actor and singer. Facing the sudden “idol’s silence” criticisms has made me realize, aside from my own ability to focus on working, I still need to shoulder the responsibility and obligation a public figure and an idol should have. I was born into an ordinary family in Chongqing, just the same as a lot of people, I have 20+ years of ordinary life. Today, I must use this opportunity to express my apologies for the inappropriate comments I once said and unintended harm inflicted to everyone when I was still a non-celebrity. I will work hard to learn how to be a better person and at the same time, become an even better “public figure”, allow both of these Xiao Zhans to mutually accept and integrate to become an even better version of myself.

In the past year, no matter big or small, I need to take all the responsibilities for all the scandals that resulted because of me. I can demand myself, but I have no way of imposing the will on others. I only hope the people who truly love me can seriously listen to me say again, aside from each person’s likes and dislikes, please include “being rational”. Go spend an active and healthy lifestyle, put your focus and energy more on your real life, less going online, ruptures, arguments, and opposition behind fake IDs, and more hard work and improvement in real life. Only to become an even better version of yourself.”

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34 thoughts on “Xiao Zhan Pens Heartfelt Post about the “AO3 227” Incident One Year Later

  1. I recently discovered Asian C-Drama. “The UnTamed” was the first one I watched. Since then I have watched many Series and I have my favorite actors.

    I can only imagine the turmoil and conflict felt by this sensitive actor and I wondered how he might be holding up.

    I recently watched “The Longest Promise” … and at first I did not recognize Xiao Zhan. He character was so completely different than from “The Untamed”.

    I love the costume dramas and I learn much about the Chinese culture through these. Thank you for taking the time to post about this.

    xoxo Blue Star Energy Healer

  2. No matter what happened people still want another drama of Wang and Zhao. People are really merciless😂😂

  3. IIts been a little while now ..’m sure and positive he’ll get back on track definitely and gain more loyal fans …one thing Im waiting his new drama movies …and hoping the season 2 untamed movie with same actors Ziao and Yibo otherwise is not the same atmosphere to watch..good luck to you XZ…rise up and do more movies and concerts

  4. Honestly this whole situation is absurd to me. His fans started a controversy that almost ruined his career. Why should his career be affected because some people don’t know how to carry themselves? Yes, he can speak to his fans about situations but in no way can he truly manage them. Each person is responsible for their own behavior and thus if you truly are a fan, respect the artist you claim to support. I’ve only recently listened to some of the drama actors who actually sing and I can say that thus far he is indeed a actor and singer to me and that’s based on his vocals. I don’t tend to listen to actors who sing. I hope he continues to flourish in his endeavors. I hope fans learn to mind their own business and respect others as they wish to be respected. I will continue to look for his acting roles though for music I am more heavily invested in my fav kpop boy group or western artists. I hope he has a long and prosperous career.

  5. Man that’s crazy. We can’t even imagine how much pressure and how much sufferings he went and maybe is still going. through.
    I don’t understand! Zhan you don’t need to apologize for anything -.- fans must be mature! I just wish him a happy life ahead.
    And really hope to see Wang Yibo him together again.
    Let’s just be nice to idols anybody! They are humans like us. Why so harsh on them?!

  6. He must have been a really hard year. I feel so sorry for him. I think we can all learn a lesson. Let’s be better person’s and let the artist focus on their work.



  9. Hello…xiao zhan,mujhe apki sadgi bahut pasand hai..ap khud ek bahtarin insan hain,ap bahut talented person hone ke sath sath kai jimmedariyon ko bhi puri tarah se samjhte hai,ap apke sath hain hamesha… aap mujhe nhi jante lekin jabse maine apke interviews,live singing song and dance,apke superb ultimated drama dekhi hu,tabse apki bahut fan ban chuki hu..jo apko taqlif hui hai wo taqlif god mujhe de de..apko apki life god ekdam happiness kar de..mai dilse apko chahti hu aur aakhiri saans tak chahungi..mujhe pata hai ap meri language nahi samjhoge,meri comments bhi ap kabhi watch karenge ya nahi lekin mujhe koi dukh nahi hoga.. i hope mai apko mil sakti,baat kar sakti.. meri god wishes apke sath hamesha rahengi,apko badi se badi problem se ladne ki himmat mile,ap aise hi smile karte hue rahe..”xiao” i am always with you..you take care,miss u a lot….”SWATI”

  10. Hi Xiao Zhan you’re such a kind and talented person and I’m very happy to see you once again rise up . I’ve watched the Unteamed many times now and have most of Xiao Zhan and yibo Wang. I really love your cute smile.

  11. If my wishes can reach him then I really wanted to say him that-
    I wish u all the best for being a improved version of urself….however, u were always right and perfect from my eyes, u went through a lot, so thankyou for never giving up…hope to see u much more❤

  12. The way he puts the wordings is amazing, he really is now even more mature compared to when I used to see him then. Although, I really feel like such an apology shouldn’t have been necessary, because he didn’t do anything wrong, but what he wrote really showed how sensitive and a kind person he is to be thinking about the matter this deeply, to have different thoughts compared to then, he really is an admirable person.

  13. Im so proud of you Xiao Zhan. You’re such a kind and talented person and I’m very happy to see you once again rise up . We’ll always support you , jiayou ✊🏻✊🏻 💖💖.

  14. It shouldn’t matter about an idol’s race or sexuality. Talent is all that matters. Xiao Zhan is an extremely talented young man. I am thankful for the last April lockdown. To be able to find these amazing young stars. I’ve watched Untamed 3 times now. And have most of Xiao Zhan and Yibo’s songs. All the Untamed cast are amazing. I look forward to seeing more from these talented young men. And wish them every success. Don’t stop shining!

  15. People should really be rational, he is such a nice and great guy. I have supported him and all other cast of untamed since the beginning. They all r really good and hard working. This scandal was a mental drainage to both him and us fans, i believe that one day everything will be fine, nothing bad lasts for eternity. Lets be strong and endure through this. Fighting ❤️

  16. I don’t understand why he is getting blamed he can’t control how his “fans” act I understand some people want to belive that any famous person can control there fans but they can’t sure some might listen but others won’t especially ones who want to live in a fantasy that there idols live for them and live how they want them too blaming him for ao3 getting banned in China is not logical of what I know of China isn’t much I don’t know how things work there but what I do know is that like Korea they are probably strict with there idols and actors and actress i know sometime they can’t do things without approval sometime They really don’t have a chose there company’s make there choses they may be famous but they don’t have the freedom to say or do what they want allot I Mean seriously he and wei yibo aren’t even allowed to be in public together they can they communicate behind the scenes who knows it might depend on there compines I do know that they loved there FRIENDSHIP that they made each other feel better and now they can’t have that ….its not fair

    1. he should at least try harder

      thats precisely the reason everyone hates him, he didnt try hard enough and silently supported his fans

  17. I hope you’re perfect since you think he is aabig phoney, why do you really know him.? You can’t blame a person for the wrong doings of someone else, did you even consider during those times how he was grieving for a lost of someone dear to him? Sorry I know he said to respect your own opinion. But kindly think too. It’s not his fault, he doesn’t have all the email of all the fans. He is human and have feelings like everyone else. Again sorry, as the saying goes if you don’t have anything good to say don’t say nothing at all .😊

  18. He is a big phony. He only regrets that all these boycotts would cost him more endorsement deals, and acting opportunities. Pathetic. And his fans are even crazier.

  19. I honestly don’t get why people started blaming him about this incident. Truth be told Xiao zhan you are one of the reasons I like and love C-dramas I feel that you are a great and wonderful person and no matter what happens I will always be your fan because I truly love you and truly look up to you,you really make my heart flatter when I watch you on the screen, sometimes you don’t have to spend time or know everything about your idols but you can just feel it by seeing how sencere their smile is and your smile is so cute and truthfull. Always and forever your number one FAN!!!

  20. I entered the world of Cdrama around the time of the so called scandal. I had already seen the Untamed.
    I was horrified at the insane powet Antifans have in being able to ruin careers and I felt sad and worried for this young man from the beginning. Everything I heard of Xiao Zhan as a person and a performer seemed positive to me so I made sure to defend him at e very turn.
    He does not ever disappoint. He is thoughtfully and articulate and takes his responsibilities seriously. I found it painful to watch his struggles and could only imsagine the ahony he wrnt through
    To Xiao Zhan, I appauld you as a person. I xam happy for each of your success and firmly believe they are wrll earned and deserved. Best of all luck and happiness in the futue. Both professionally and privately

  21. Honestly here’s what I’m really confused about still why do people attack him for the AO3 incident?! It’s not like he said ” B*tch, I need more popularity so write more fanfics about me in AO3! ”

    I have to applaud Xiao Zhan for his maturity. His words were honest, straight to the point but still very much polite.

    To those haters… Folks you better calm the f*ck down and you better emulate the word “Perfection” if you can’t be as perfect as you demand from other people then you better step back and reevaluate yourselves

    1. I agree with you a 💯. I am not a fan of XZ but l support him as an artist l like very much. I have never gone over the fact, that he had to apologise for this outrageous fan flic, where this student should have to apologise to him, and AO3 was not banned because of him. My only disappointment is, that XZ has not clarified his relationship to Wang Yibo, as l believe they had a good one during filming, and promotion, but afterwards parted ways to promote their own other works, which were already filmed, or in the making. I was never found of Wang Yibo because l did not like his works. It is just a matter of taste, nothing else.
      I do not know, why XZ apologises all the time while being the one how got blamed, damaged mentally, physically, and financially It is incomprehensible to me. Sincerely, J

  22. Since I’ve entered the world of dramas & kpop there’s one thing I find truly scary and that is the power of FANS and ANTI-FANS who tend to forget that Xiao Zhan and idol’s actors & singers like him are first and foremost HUMAN and second they are ENTERTAINERS! As humans we make mistakes yet fans hold our entertainers to a completely unrealistic standard that doesn’t allow them to make mistakes or even enjoy dating and marriage! Some fans have even destroyed the lives and careers of these entertainers who have worked their asses off to achieve their dreams! How many young idol’s have committed suicide already?? As long as my idol is not breaking law’s I have no reason to judge who he is off stage or out of camera range! He needs to live his life. If he does something he feels regretful for (makes a human mistake) and apologized then all I can do is pray he takes it as a learning experience and grows from it but to condemn him enough to possibly end his career is worse!! You cannot call yourself a fan if you forget reality and the reality is he is an entertainer! After that he is human and needs his fans to respect his private life! If you find something he’s done or said offstage offensive, unfan him. It’s that simple.

  23. I have read this text several times today and found different meanings in it each time. I don’t think that what he wrote a year ago would have any meaning either for him or for us. As I think every event that takes place makes people grow and mature. I mean, nothing that we actually experience is bitter or sweet. things that grow us throughout our lives and make up our identity.

    It’s been two years or maybe less since he is really shined. I think he never thought that he was different from other stars. Xiao zhan has never had a quarrelsome attitude. As the person who always calms down and covers up the problem, I can understand his being silent at that time. He seems to have accepted the definition of traffic star that has always been repeated to him. Therefore, it is understandable that he thinks that it will pass in this storm and that it should not grow.

    The most common problem humble people experience is that they cannot measure their own values. I believe the tencent award ceremony was the breaking point for him. Because virtually there must be a difference between someone fighting for you and seeing a crimson sea of ​​flesh and bones in front of you. I think this time was needed for him to admit that he was a star and that he was different from other stars. I believe he is sincere in all of what he says. because it is the first time that he has identified himself as an idol and declared that he will undertake the responsibilities that come with it.

    Today Xiao Zhan admitted that he is an idol. and today Xiao Zhan handed olive branches to his antifans. It seems to me the best answer for someone whose achievements and identity have been constantly questioned over the past year but have not spoken a word. now he has answered on his own behalf, in the best possible way.

    There is no point in continuing the fight now. Let’s leave everything behind and enjoy life together with the joy of new experiences and maturation.

  24. Well said Zhan Ge, thank you for being an honest person in front of us. We XFX will also try out best to be a better person just like how you are doing. Thank you for inspiring us to be a benevolent people. Let us grow with you! Jiayou ZhanGe! You got us.

  25. He matured so much after all that happened, it was beautifully written and necessary. I hope fans can read this and follow his advise, and also for other communities to see him in another light. I wasn’t sure before but now I know this year will be better for him, I wish him a lot of success!

  26. Yes, this is a behavior of an adult person! BRAVO, Xiao Zhan, thank you for telling us your inner thoughts. Let’s have a new starting point together, we, international fans will always love and support you! 👏💐💖

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