Victoria Song Qian Tears Up When Audience Member Mentions Sulli at Screening of “Post Truth”

Victoria Song Qian (宋茜) has traveled around China to promote the movie, “Post Truth” (保你平安), through screenings and roadshows despite only having a small role in the movie. The movie is about starting rumors and its consequences. Victoria Song plays “Han Lu”, a girl who gets defamed and rumors spread about her after her death. The male lead tries to help her investigate the truth, but discovers the rumor starter doesn’t care about the truth.

At a recent movie screening, an audience member expressed her thoughts about the movie, “I thought about something I can say is Song Qian laoshi’s really good friend and f(x) member, Sulli. I think she is a really good girl, but she ended up passing away from depression by the mouths of netizens. I don’t think we can just rely on the rumors on the internet to take things out of context. We have to look at the matter comprehensively. I hope there won’t be any thing similar like this happening in the future.”

This netizen was seen getting emotional and seemed to choke up a bit while saying her thoughts. Victoria Song didn’t respond to her comments, but she was seen turning around wiping her tears and had her head down to adjust her emotions.

When Sulli passed away, Victoria Song had flew overnight and canceled some of her activities to attend her service. Victoria Song was criticized by Chinese netizens and also received hate comments at the time as they felt she wasn’t mourning her death because she didn’t make any post about it. However, Victoria Song called out those netizens for attacking the way she chose to handle her grief.

Credit: ETtoday

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  1. A film about this subject is badly needed, I am glad its being done. I feel China’s ET world is such a battle field of these people who make up rumors. These people should be treated as murderers when they cause someone to die.

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