Yang Mi Says She Has No Interest in Dating At All

Since her divorce from Hawick Lau in 2018, Yang Mi (杨幂) was constantly rumored to be dating Wei Daxun from 2019-2020. Yang Mi and her team has never directly addressed their dating rumors except for the time they denied her marriage rumors with Wei Daxun in January 2021.

Yang Mi’s love life continues to be a topic of heavy interest among the media and the public. In a recent magazine interview with marie claire’s NOW, she was asked if she has time to date due to her heavy schedule. Yang Mi responded, “To be honest, I have no interest in dating at all right now. Finished. Back then, I would starry-eyed say I was really looking forward to it. Right now, even the expectation part is gone.”

When asked what led to her change from expectation to no interest in dating, Yang Mi explained that she is so busy everyday and has a lot of things to do ranging from reading and studying scripts. If she has a day off, she would rather go shop and buy clothes. She said, “I don’t have time to date. I’ve always been very busy.”

On the mention of her interview from two years ago where she said she was looking forward to love everyday, Yang Mi said, “I am enjoying the state of being single right now. I am very busy, can’t be disturbed.”

When asked if she gets complete pleasure from working, Yang Mi explained that dating is like a guessing game between each other. She feels tired from dating and would rather spend that time doing something else instead of playing guessing games with someone else. Yang Mi explained, “For example, if I am reading a script and the person across calls me asking me to guess how they’re feeling today, I just…what does it have to do with me?”

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3 thoughts on “Yang Mi Says She Has No Interest in Dating At All

  1. It’s good that she knows what she wants and is content in that space .This her current state, it could change in a few years. Life is a journey after all.

  2. Yang Mi only likes herself. She is full of herself. Once her popularity fades, she will be a alone lonely peking duck.

  3. Mm I suspect this is how most celebrities feel too. They’re just too busy to guess what their significant others want. They just want someone to hear them, talk directly about what they want, and be able to relax in front of the other. Completely understandable. But when the day comes and they’re no longer as busy, a spouse like this that is usually not very “fun,” will end up being very boring.

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