Phoebe Sin and Ruco Chan Getting Married on October 13, Releases Chinese Style Wedding Pictures

Phoebe Sin Ruco Chan Chinese Wedding Pictures

Phoebe Sin (單文柔) and Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) are finally getting married tomorrow at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong.  On the eve of their wedding, the two released pictures of their Chinese wedding gown photoshoot.  The two announced their wedding plans just last month when they were caught vacationing in London.  It turns out the two were also there to take their wedding photos, which were released the same day the two announced they were getting married.

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Today, they released several pictures of the two in traditional Chinese wedding attire that ranges from different eras.  It is reported Ruco Chan especially hired a photography team from Xiamen, China to take the Chinese photoshoot in Hong Kong.

Oriental Daily News reached out to Phoebe Chan and she said, “I think it was very sweet and warm.  Everyone was satisfied with the photos.  I really like the “qun kwa” (裙褂 – the Chinese dress) and the head pieces because I never filmed a costume drama before so I think it’s very cute, very pretty.  Every thing is so meaningful.”  As for Ruco Chan, he says whatever his future wife likes, he will like too.  

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Phoebe Sin: I can’t bear to see him being played.

As for tomorrow’s wedding, they only invited their close friends and family.  Once the couple enters the banquet hall, they will engage in the marriage certificate signing ceremony.  When asked why they aren’t playing any “prank the groom games,” Phoebe says, “I will use something else to replace it.  I can’t bear to see him being played.”  Ruco’s response to this, “She loves me so much, I definitely have to double up what I give her.  I will use my way to make it unforgettable for her forever.”  

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Earlier this week, her two Miss Hong Kong besties, Tiffany Lau, and Joyce Ngai threw her a surprise bridal shower.  Phoebe, who lost her voice due to the busy planning for the wedding reveals,”I lost my voice, but it’s much better now.  I’ve been really busy lately.  We gave a lot of thought to the decorations, the banquet hall, and the party favors.  I hope we can give something special to our guests.  Because I want everything to be perfect, it complicated things.  I originally didn’t have time to have a bridal shower, but they were so nice to surprise me.  I really didn’t know beforehand.  They said they wanted to meet for lunch.  I was so casual, but they were all dressed up.  They even prepared a cake and flowers, I am really thankful for them.”  When asked if she is feeling nervous, Phoebe Chan says, “Not yet, but we filmed a video to be aired at the wedding.  Looking back, I already feel touched.” 

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Phoebe Sin: I am looking forward to becoming Mrs. Chan

Phoebe Sin also posted a picture of her in Chinese traditional wedding attire and said, “Tomorrow is the day! After tomorrow, I will have another role, another responsibility.  I am looking forward to becoming Mrs. Chan.  I will try my best to do this role well.  In these two days, I’ve bumped into many friends.  They are even happier than me.  Thank you all for your wishes.  Also thank you to all the friends who have helped along the way.”  

Credit:, Apple Daily, Phoebe Sin IG

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