Angelababy Accused of Being a Diva

Angelababy Accused of Being a Diva Instagram

Angelababy and her husband, Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明), have been in the headlines lately for reportedly being one couple of many celebrities that owe back taxes to the Chinese government. While the two are a power couple, they also have their fair share of critics and naysayers. Angelababy was once criticized for getting special treatment for not going into the water as part of the punishment when everyone else did in an episode of “Keep Running.” This time, it’s Angelababy that is in the headlines for her supposed diva behavior. Recently, there were viral photos circulating among Chinese social media platforms showing Angelababy in Shanghai filming an advertisement at an indoor location. She was surrounded by a bunch of stylists preparing her for the shoot while her assistant was bent down helping her take off the socks and changing shoes.

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Angelababy received a lot of backlash from netizens on her behavior. One netizen commented, “How much does she pay her assistant each year? She even has to put on her socks for her.” Because Angelababy wasn’t seen bending down once, many netizens have said she has “princess syndrome.” There were also supporters coming to her defense saying that this situation happens all the time at photoshoots. They also said that because her clothes and hair can’t be messed up, having her assistant help would be better and is understandable. Comments range from, “This is what assistants are hired to do. So we expect her not to wear shoes and just to sit in the dressing room to touch up her makeup.” to “Spending money to hire an assistant is to do things like this.

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In the video clip, Angelababy’s baby boy, “Little Cotton”, was seen visiting his mother on set. They pause the session while Angelababy was seen carrying her son. It was reported Angelababy was filled with energy after seeing Little Cotton on set.

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Do you think netizens overreacted? Angelababy wouldn’t be the first celebrity to have someone at her beck and call.

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