Scandals that Rocked the Chinese Entertainment Industry in 2018

Scandals that Rocked the Chinese Entertainment Industry in 2018

There were several earth shattering scandals that rocked the Chinese entertainment industry this year. As 2018 wraps up with three days left, let’s do a year in review of all the scandals that shook the industry.

9. Johnny Huang Jingyu’s alleged domestic abuse scandal with his ex-girlfriend

Johnny Huang Jingyu Issues Statement Refuting Domestic Abuse Allegations

The male idol shot to immediate stardom in 2016 with the web drama, “Addiction”. His career was seemingly smooth until November, when someone accused Johnny Huang Jingyu (黃景瑜) of allegedly beating up his ex-girlfriend, Wang Yuxin (王雨馨). The people that circulated the rumors had convincing photo evidence too. They also alleged Johnny Huang Jingyu was married to Wang Yuxin. As the rumors started to get rampant, Johnny Huang Jingyu finally responded to the rumors with an official statement denying all the wrongdoing. Even though he clarified the rumors, it seems his reputation took a hit with many of his rabid fangirls unfollowing him.

8. Xu Kai’s turbulent history with his ex-girlfriend

Xu Kai and His Ex-Girlfriend’s Turbulent Relationship Revealed

Xu Kai’s Past Dug Up by Netizens Again

Xu Kai (許凱) shot to fame with this year’s hit drama, “Story of Yanxi Palace.” With fame, comes gossip and people digging up your past. Xu Kai was accused by his ex-girlfriend of abusing her and of course, she had pictures to prove her claims. Xu Kai came out and admitted there was some minor pushing and shoving, but no abuse happened. He vowed to change and be a better man. Luckily, his legion of fans stood by him as he was busy promoting the series and is already filming another one right now.

7. Joker Xue Zhiqian being painted as a scum boyfriend by his ex-girlfriend

Joker Xue Welcomes Birth of Son and Old Drama with Ex-Girlfriend

Joker Xue Zhiqian (薛之謙) solidified his status in the Chinese music scene with his song, “Actor.” However, his ex-girlfriend, Li Yutong (李雨桐), aired their dirty laundry last year when he got back with his ex-wife, Gao Leixin (高磊鑫). She claims Gao Leixin asked for a house and a divorce fee because she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Li Yutong even claims he asked her to get an abortion for the sake of his career when she found out she was pregnant. When Gao Leixin announced she was pregnant earlier this year, Li Yutong struck once again claiming Gao Leixin lied about her condition, making many netizens wonder if her claims were actually true.

6. Wu Xiubo’s cheating scandals and sexual harassment allegations with minors

Chinese Actor Wu Xiubo Involved in Cheating Scandal, Allegations of Sexual Harassment with Minors Dug Up

Chinese actor, Wu Xiubo (吳秀波), was once a highly praised actor in the industry until his mistress, Chen Yulin (陳昱霖), who is an actress, exposed their affair to the public. She exposed their seven year relationship to the public and even accused him of getting rough with her one time. This led many netizens to search Wu Xiubo’s past rumors and found an old article that alleged the actor had sexually harassed three other under-aged co-stars. The actor didn’t respond to the allegations and has kept a low profile, but he has been replaced with other actors for a lot of his projects.

5. Jiang Jinfu admits to abusing ex-girlfriend, Haruka Nakaura

Jiang Jinfu Admits to Assaulting Ex-girlfriend, Haruka Nakaura

Haruka Nakaura Responds to Jiang Jinfu’s Apology, Blames Him for Miscarriage

Chinese actor, Jiang Jinfu (蔣勁夫), who was appointed by the media to be Hu Ge’s successor, was accused by his Japanese ex-girlfriend, Haruka Nakaura of abusing her. In normal cases, the aggressor denies any wrongdoing. However, the Chinese actor went on Weibo not too long after and admitted to abusing Haruka Nakaura. What ensued was a lot of back and forth between Haruka Nakaura and netizens allegations about her behavior, lies about being pregnant, blackmailing Jiang Jinfu for a breakup fee, etc. He eventually surrendered himself to the Japanese authorities and is currently detained in a detention center.

Jiang Jinfu Surrenders to Japanese Authorities, Arrested for Assault Charges

4. Chen Yufan’s drug scandal

Bai Baihe’s Ex-Husband, Chen Yufan Arrested on Drug Charges

Chen Yufan Avoids Prison, Ordered to Enter Rehab for Three Years

Chen Yufan (陳羽凡) of the music duo, Yu Quan (羽泉), was busted for drug use and possession of drugs last month. At the time of the arrest, he was caught with a young female, who was also busted for drug use. Luckily, Chen Yufan got a slap on the wrist as he was only required to enter into rehab and avoided jail time.

3. Li Xiaolu’s alleged cheating scandal with rapper, PG One

Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang Deny Validity of Alleged Divorce Agreement Circulating Online

Chinese Actress Li Xiaolu Successfully Clears Name by Winning Defamation Lawsuits

Chinese actress Li Xiaolu (李小璐) was involved in a cheating scandal last year when she was allegedly caught on film with Chinese rapper, PG One and staying overnight together. She has been married to fellow actor Jia Nailiang (贾乃亮) since 2012 and have a daughter together.  Back in September, she sued five Weibo users that were defaming her and spreading rumors about her. She successfully won those lawsuits and said she had other defamation cases waiting for trial. All seemed good until recently, divorce rumors were rampant between Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang.

2. Gao Yunxiang’s sexual assault case in Australia

Gao Yunxiang Escapes Life Imprisonment, Initial Two Charges Withdrawn

Gao Yunxiang Hit with Seven New Charges in Latest Court Session

Gao Yunxiang’s Wife Dong Xuan Finally Allowed to Leave Australia

Chinese actor, Gao Yunxiang (高雲翔) got himself in trouble with the law when he was accused by a female crew member of sexually assaulting her with Wang Jing, a Chinese film producer, when they were filming in Sydney, Australia. At one point, Gao Yunxiang’s wife, Dong Xuan, and daughter, were not allowed to leave Australia. Gao Yunxiang and Wang Jing both maintain they had consensual intercourse with the victim. The next court date is set to take place in January.

1. Fan Bingbing’s tax evasion scandal

Fan Bingbing Appears in Public Since Admitting to Tax Scandal

 Fan Bingbing Finally Admits to Tax Evasion Scandal, Posts Formal Apology Letter on Weibo

Li Chen Shows Support for Fan Bingbing Publicly and Privately

Friend Proves Fan Bingbing and Li Chen are Still Together

Nothing rocked the Chinese entertainment industry more than Fan Bingbing’s (范冰冰) fall from grace with her tax evasion scandal that was exposed to the public in June. Fan Bingbing and her companies were being investigated by the authorities for tax evasion and tax fraud with her “ying yang contracts” setup with film companies. Many rumors about Fan Bingbing’s whereabouts were rampant while the investigation was ongoing as she was not seen in the public eye. Finally, she appeared in October when she came forward with an apology letter admitting to the crimes.

Fan Bingbing “Appears” After 3 Months of Inactivity

Fan Bingbing’s Tax Evasion Investigation Rumored to be Over, Fan Chengcheng Appears in Good Spirits

Fan Chengcheng Gets Emotional and Bursts into Tears at Nine Percent Fan Meeting

Fan Bingbing avoided jail time on the condition she repays 884 million RMB for back taxes, late payment fees, and fines to the government by the end of this year. There were rumors she and boyfriend, Li Chen (李晨), were scrambling for money by selling off property, clothes, etc. While Fan Bingbing had vowed to come back a better person with future projects, it looks like her 15 minutes of fame might be up as it will be hard for film companies and the public to accept her again.