Netizens Debate about Angelababy’s Appearance from Her Modeling Days

Netizens Debate Over Angelababy's Appearance from Her Modeling Days

Ever since Angelababy debuted, she has been revered as a beauty icon and praised for her looks throughout Asia. However, as she got more popular, netizens started to dig into her past. There are countless times where she was accused of plastic surgery because of her old pictures. She has denied it on several occasions and even went to a doctor to prove she didn’t have any work done. However, when her pre-debut pictures from her modeling days recently surfaced again, netizens got into a heated debate about the change in her appearance.

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It’s not the first time netizens have been critical of Angelababy’s appearance. So when these old pictures from her modeling days surfaced recently, many netizens debated about the changes in her face. People tend to forget Angelababy started out as a model in Hong Kong around 14, so she’s definitely going to look different than when she debuted as an actress years later.

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Even then, netizens still left comments such as, “Why does she look different from her face now?”, “Her five facial features have become bigger now.”, “I couldn’t recognize her.”, “She still looks good even though she had work done. But I think Angelababy’s face change is the most successful, at least she looks a lot better than a lot of these internet celebrities.”, “My own feelings…It makes me a bit scared.”, “I didn’t recognize her.”

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Netizens Debate Over Angelababy's Appearance from Her Modeling Days

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There were also a lot of netizens supporting Angelababy saying, “She’s been pretty since young.”, “Such a pretty girl, she still looks good no matter how she looks.”, “She looks really good.”, “Cute”, “Beautiful”, “Don’t talk about the rest, just by looking at her face, she looks good.”, “Isn’t this enough to prove she didn’t get any plastic surgery?”

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Netizens Debate Over Angelababy's Appearance from Her Modeling Days

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2 thoughts on “Netizens Debate about Angelababy’s Appearance from Her Modeling Days

  1. She is a beauty even at her young age. If plastic surgery can enhance her look and boost her confidence then why not? I don’t see anything wrong about it. We are in the 21 century now and peoples do plastic surgery like going to get a haircut.
    If the Netizens still cry like a baby to get attention or to boost their ratings or their sales then their action is dirty and low.

  2. She was so cute at age 14. So adorable. Of course her look would changed as she aged. &even if she had works done to enchanched her appearance so what? It’s her life. If doing so made her happy just let her enjoy it. I think the netizens are jealous they couldn’t afford the cost of the plastic surgery.

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