Alec Su Confirmed to be a Mentor on “Produce Camp 2019”

Alec Su Confirmed to be a Mentor on Produce Camp 2019 Weibo_02.24.19

The second season of the Chinese version of trainee survival reality show, “Produce 101”, was recently announced to be producing a male idol group reality show, which is a change from the prior season. Not only are they changing the format, but the Chinese name of the show is changing from “創造101” to “創造營2019,” which roughly translates to “Produce Camp 2019.” It was previously announced that Chinese-Uyghur actress, Dilraba (迪丽热巴), would be headlining the show. However, no other mentors have been announced since the official news of the season season. It has been confirmed today that Taiwanese actor, Alec Su (蘇有朋), will be joining the show alongside Dilraba as a mentor.

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A BTS picture of Alec Su working with the crew members of “Produce Camp 2019,” was circulating on Weibo recently. When Sina Entertainment reached out to confirm whether Alec Su joined the show as a mentor, they confirmed the news was true. Other artists such as Jackson Wang (王嘉爾), Show Luo (羅志祥), Tiger Hu (胡彥斌), and Aaron Kwok (郭富城), are all rumored to be joining the show as mentors. However, aside from Dilraba and Alec Su, no other artist have been confirmed as mentors.

As for the contestants list for “Produce Camp 2019,” there are a few familiar faces joining the show: Kido Gao (高瀚宇), from Chinese boy group, HIT-5, Bird Zhang (張遠) and Mars Ma (馬雪陽) from Chinese boy group, Top Combine (至上勵合).

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