Dylan Wang and Yang Chaoyue Rumored to be Starring in Chinese Remake of Korean Series, “Full House”

Dylan Wang Rumored to be Starring in Chinese Remake of Korean Series, "Full House"

Popular Korean drama, “Full House,” swept Asia when it first aired. It brought immense popularity to the stars, Rain and Song Hye Kyo. The series also spanned numerous remakes throughout the years. It has been rumored lately that China will also be remaking the series. The initial rumors had tapped Chinese actor, Connor Leong (梁靖康), of the 2018 Chinese remake of “Meteor Garden” (流星花園), to star as the male lead. However, the latest rumors swirling are now pointing to Dylan Wang (王鹤棣), the breakout star of “Meteor Garden,” as the male lead in the remake. The female lead is said to star Yang Chaoyue (杨超越), a member of Chinese girl group, Rocket Girls 101.

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Once the rumors of Yang Chaoyue starring as Song Hye Kyo’s character were circulating, there was a lot of opposition from fans. Many fans impression of Yang Chaoyue are from her days on the Chinese version of “Produce 101.” Netizens aren’t confident in her acting abilities and don’t have high hopes for her acting in the remake. Some fans were so extreme to threaten passing up the remake and even said it was a joke that Yang Chaoyue could surpass Song Hye Kyo in the iconic role.

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As for Dylan Wang, there didn’t seem to be much opposition as he is coming off the popularity from “Meteor Garden.” We will have to wait for more concrete news on the casting in the upcoming months. Hopefully, the producers get it right or else it will be another failed remake before it airs.

Credit: ETtoday.net, Yang Chaoyue Weibo, Dylan Wang Weibo