Raymond Lam Returns to TVB

Raymond Lam Returns to TVB

Former TVB actor, Raymond Lam (林峯), left TVB in 2014 to join EEG Entertainment. He expanded his acting and singing career and even opened up his own work studio. As for his management contract, he is signed to Louis Koo’s (古天樂) company, Sky High Entertainment. After departing for 5 years, TVB held a press conference today officially announcing Raymond Lam’s return to the station.

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Raymond Lam says his decision to return to TVB was not sudden. He said, “In these past 5 years, I have had dinner with former colleagues from TVB. They also asked me when I am coming back. My main focus is on the project. I hope to work with former colleagues that saw me grow up. I am very happy.”

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As for his music career, he is signed with TVB’s “Voice Entertainment.” Raymond Lam revealed, “I am planning my 20th anniversary concert next year. There will be a nationwide concert tour. In May, I will be having a warm up concert in Macau. I will also have a few shows in China because I haven’t stepped onto the dance stage in two years. I need to warm up first. We are also preparing to step into the Hong Kong Coliseum to prepare for next year’s concert.”

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Credit: hk01.com, Sky High Entertainment IG

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