Andy Hui Held Press Conference to Address Cheating Scandal, Immediately Posts Apology on Instagram

WATCH LIVE: Andy Hui Holding Press Conference to Address the Cheating Scandal

Andy Hui held a press conference at 7PM local Hong Kong time today to address the cheating scandal with Jacqueline Wong. He only spoke for about 7 minutes.

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The actual press conference starts at the 14:35 mark. Andy Hui doesn’t answer any of the media’s questions.

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After the press conference, Andy Hui quickly created an apology post on Instagram:

“This situation is something so wrong that can’t be forgiven. I don’t dare ask for forgiveness because I also don’t have any way of forgiving myself. I can only self reflect and using the most sincere attitude, say that I really did wrong to everyone that was impacted by this situation. I cannot escape the blame, I am very sorry!

I don’t have any excuses. To commit such a serious mistake, making my family, friends, and everyone that loves me, so disappointed, I feel very regretful and apologetic. I am also willing to bear all the consequences and responsibilities as a result of this incident.

Lastly, as a husband, I have to apologize to Sammi. This was a downright mistake. I feel remorseful and pain. Please give me time and space to learn how to change and become a new person.”

Credit: FB, Andy Hui IG