Actress Jin Chen and Jeffrey Tung from “Idol Producer” Rumored to be Dating

Actress Jin Chen and Jeffrey Tung from "Idol Producer" Rumored to be Dating

Ummm…anyone single and ready to mingle should be drinking the water in China because another couple has been revealed. Actress Jin Chen (金晨) started trending on Weibo when pictures of her strolling the streets with a guy were shared online. The two are seen holding hands and at one point kissed each other. The guy was wearing a mouth mask, but netizens suspect the male lead is Jeffrey Tung (董又霖), from “Idol Producer” (偶像练习生) fame, based on his hair and t-shirt. In the close up shots in the paparazzi video, it does look like Jeffrey Tung.

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Actress Jin Chen and Jeffrey Tung from "Idol Producer" Rumored to be Dating
Guy in the video is wearing the same shirt as Jeffrey Tung and the hair color looks the same.

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The two were once paired up in a match making segment on variety show, “Day Day Up” (天天向上). Jeffrey Tung and Jin Chen had a meal and got to know each other. He must’ve really liked Jin Chen because he said she had “a fairy like feeling” and that he especially liked this type of girls. It’s unsure if the two started dating after this segment that aired in July. Jeffrey Tung seemed to know a lot about Jin Chen. It turns out the two were part of the Tencent “Super Nova Games” last November. Neither party has responded to the rumors yet.

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Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4), Jeffrey Tung IG