What is Left of f(x) Now that Amber, Victoria Song, and Luna Have All Left SM?

What is Left of f(x) Now that Amber, Victoria Song, and Luna Have All Left SM?

SM’s forgotten group f(x), has always been doomed from the start. The group is infamous amongst fans for only getting a fan club name seven years after their debut. Fans blamed this on SM Entertainment. It was even reported SM had blocked fans from letting them do activities to celebrate f(x)’s 10 year debut anniversary. SM has denied this. After Sulli left the group, they continued promoting as a four member quartet, but most moderately successful K-Pop groups reach its expiration by the 5 year mark. Everyone was starting to promote on their own.

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After debuting for 10 years, Amber had recently announced her contract with SM was up and was leaving the company. While she was thankful to the company, many fans see it as a sigh of relief that Amber is finally free and can pursue what she wants to do. Amber had publicly vented her frustrations at the company for not giving her opportunities in the past.

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Victoria Song also announced today was her official 10 year debut anniversary. She thanked SM and said, “From here onwards, we will use a new method to continue forward. This is a new beginning. A new starting point. I am still me. I will continue being me. I won’t forget my initial intentions. Advance ahead bravely.” Victoria Song’s work studio also announced that she will be focusing on her own solo career in all areas.

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SM also announced Luna’s contract has also expired. They expressed, “Luna’s 10 year contract has already expired. Krystal still has a contract with us. We are currently discussing new methods of working with Victoria.” Now that Krystal is the only one left in SM, what is really left of f(x)? Can they still be like other groups where members leave their original management companies, but still promote with the group? Even if possible, Krystal has expressed in the past that she doesn’t want to promote as part of a girl group member anymore. She wants to focus on her acting career. With Victoria Song’s thriving career in China, it seems unlikely the group will promote as a group again.

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