”Story of Yanxi Palace” Spin Off Series, “Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures”, Coming to Netflix

"Yanxi Palace Princess Adventures", Coming to Netflix

Last year’s “Story of Yanxi Palace” (延禧攻略) set off “Yanxi Mania” throughout Asia and catapulted the entire main cast to stardom. Fans wanted a sequel or another series where “Fu Heng” and “Wei Ying Luo” could finally get together. You would think that it’d be an easy task to put Xu Kai and Wu Jinyan in another series since they are both signed to Yu Zheng’s company. However, them pairing up together in the near future seems to be a pipe dream.

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The good news is that Yu Zheng recently announced the spin off series to “Story of Yanxi Palace”, “Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures” (金枝玉叶), would be airing on Netflix come December 31. The whole series will be available all at once. However, it’s reported the series is only 6 episodes long.

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Yanxi Palace Princess Adventures, Coming to Netflix

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The spin off focuses on “Qianlong Emperor” and “Wei Ying Luo’s” daughter, “Princess Zhaohua” (昭华公主), played by Wang Herun (王鹤润). She meets and falls in love with “Er Qing’s” (尔晴) son, “Fuk’anggan” (福康安), played by Wang Yizhe (王一哲). It gets complicated when “Prince He/Hong Zhou’s” daughter is added to the mix and a love triangle ensues.

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Wu Jinyan (吴谨言) and Nie Yuan (聂远) will be reprising their roles in the spinoff.

Yanxi Palace Princess Adventures, Coming to Netflix

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