Lin Gengxin’s Team Denies Dating Rumors with Internet Celebrity

Lin Gengxin's Team Denies Dating Rumors with Internet Celebrity

Lin Gengxin’s (林更新) love life has been a hot topic lately. First, there were the break up rumors with Wang Likun even though neither of them have ever acknowledged being together. Then Lin Gengxin was spotted with a female companion at a Jay Chou concert and later seen going home together. New rumors surfaced on December 17 when an internet celebrity by the name of, “SurbLue”, posted pictures with Lin Gengxin on Instagram.

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In her post, she included the caption, “Touring around Xiamen University the whole day”. Lin Gengxin is seen wearing a “daddy cap” in the pictures, which seems quite fitting. Many netizens started speculating about their relationship from the pictures. Lin Gengxin had also uploaded stories of himself at Xiamen University, but later deleted them.

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Sina Entertainment reached out to Lin Gengxin’s team. They denied the dating rumors and expressed, “Just ordinary friends. We recently have two jobs situated at Xiamen University. It was a day off that day, we brought the staff team and also local friends to hang out together.”

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