Bai Jingting Befriends Lin Gengxin After Roasting Mark Chao on His Birthday

Bai Jingting Befriends Lin Gengxin After Roasting Mark Chao on His Birthday

Lin Gengxin (林更新) is back again trolling his buddy, Mark Chao (趙又廷). It was Mark Chao’s 36th birthday on September 25. Good friend, Lin Gengxin, continued his birthday tribute tradition to Mark Chao. This year he wrote, “Blessings might be late, but it’ll never be absent. Mark Chao, Happy birthday, brother. I don’t actually have any pictures of you in my cell phone. This proves that we haven’t seen each other in a long time. It turns out all these ugly pictures on the internet are contributed by me. Whoever has his ugly pictures, post some.”

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Along with the posts, he uploaded screenshots of him searching “Mark Chao ugly pictures” on Weibo and the results that showed up were prior posts and pictures of Mark Chao posted by Lin Gengxin. Mark Chao retaliated with a picture in the comments section that asked people, “Who is handsome, Mark Chao or Lin Gengxin?” All the comments said, “Mark Chao”. Lin Gengxin responded to Mark Chao, saying, “Don’t mosaic the names. They’re all people from your company, right? Haha, brother.”

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Bai Jingting (白敬亭), Mark Chao’s co-star from their currently airing series, “Ordinary Glory” (平凡的荣耀), joined in on the fun and commented on Lin Gengxin’s post, saying, “I have the goods in stock. Let’s get to know each other.” Lin Gengxin responded to his comment, saying, “Followed you. Send it to me.”

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It turns out Bai Jingting and Lin Gengxin really followed each other.

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Netizens also pushed Bai Jingting’s comments all the way to the top. One person even said to Lin Gengxin, “I don’t have his [ugly pictures], but I have a lot of yours.”

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