Bai Jingting Regrets Saying He Doesn’t Think He’s Handsome

Bai Jingting (白敬亭) did an interview recently that got him trending in 1st place on Weibo’s hot trend list. The interviewer asked Bai Jingting if he was aware that he was a handsome guy. Bai Jingting responded, “I don’t think I am a handsome guy. I’ve always felt they were lying to me.”

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Because of this, Bai Jingting started trending on Weibo. Netizens started making memes of him and even brought up his old posts of him praising how handsome he looked. One particular post said, “While there is no one around, I am a really handsome guy!”.

In this post, he wrote: “Quite handsome, indeed.”

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Bai Jingting seems to have regret what he said in the interview. He made another post saying, “I regret it.” Good friend, Jing Boran (井柏然), left a comment saying, “Don’t regret it. Believe in your own judgment.” Bai Jingting responded, “You think by gifting a pair of shoes, you can do anything and say anything you want??? That’s right, you can, thank you, ge.”

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Bai Jingting continued rambling on, leaving comments on his post, saying, “My unintentional humility is now known by everyone.”, “Perhaps handsome to me is lacking a bit on some levels.”, and when a netizen said, “You are very handsome, okay?”, Bai Jingting responded, “I know.”

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