Karry Wang Junkai’s Studio Pens Letter to Sasaeng Fans to Stop Irrational Behavior

Karry Wang Junkai's Studio Pens Letter to Sasaeng Fans to Stop Irrational Behavior

Perhaps some “fans” were stuck at home too long during the outbreak. Lately, there have been multiple Chinese celebrities issuing statements or venting out their frustrations at the behavior of sasaeng fans. On May 10, the studio of TFBOYS member, Karry Wang Junkai (王俊凯), issued a heartfelt letter telling fans to stop their irrational behavior following their idol.

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The statement reads:

“Extremely thankful to everyone for their continued attention and love for Mr. Karry Wang. Also thankful to every friend for their continued support and encouragement. Recently, there have been a few irrational friends following cars, chasing after cars, chasing after flight schedules, and gathering at the hotel lobby and corridor where Mr. Karry Wang is staying at. There were even occasions where people were surrounding outside his hotel room door. This type of behavior not only seriously impacts Mr. Karry Wang’s regular work schedule and lifestyle, but it also severely interrupts public order.

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We have some words to say about the aforementioned:

We don’t advocate any form of behavior involving following cars, chasing after cars, and chasing after flight schedules. Do not gather at airports, hotels, recording locations and even public locations near Mr. Karry Wang’s hotel. Also, please don’t buy information or listen to news regarding any of Mr. Karry Wang’s various itineraries.

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Since the beginning, Mr. Karry Wang hopes to give back to everyone for their support with even better performances. He also hopes that friends who love him can mutually respect and understand each other. During this special period, he also hopes everyone can rationally chase after stars, be responsible for their own safety and health, don’t gather, and jointly maintain good public order.”

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2 thoughts on “Karry Wang Junkai’s Studio Pens Letter to Sasaeng Fans to Stop Irrational Behavior

  1. I saw Karry on “Me to Us” band variety show , he looks so kind, gentle & humorous too. Hearing this kind of news ,I just wonder if he can sleep or eat well while sasaeng fans disturb him all the time. Just let him have a break, will you?

  2. Sasaeng fans should keep their manner , even though they are “devoted” fans, they should consider Karry’s feeling & other people too.I hope Karry will stay safe & healthy, wherever he is…

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