TFBOYS Commemorate 6 Year Anniversary of When They Received First Award

TFBOYS Commemorate 6 Year Anniversary of When They Received First Award

Even though TFBOYS are all doing their own thing right now, they are still active as a group. The group had their 6th year anniversary concert last August. They regrouped again in December for iQiyi Scream Night. TFBOYS are still really close as demonstrated when Karry Wang Junkai (王俊凯) and Roy Wang Yuan (王源) discreetly showed their support for Jackson Yee’s (易烊千玺) movie, “Better Days”, last October. So it was no surprise when TFBOYS commemorated their 6th anniversary of when they received their first award on stage.

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On April 15, 2014, TFBOYS won Yinyuetai’s VChart Awards for Favorite Artist (Mainland China) and Hot Trend Artist of the Year. In order to commemorate the first time they went on stage to receive an award, Karry Wang, Roy Wang, and Jackson Yi all coordinated to post at the same time with a different emoji.

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The TFBOYS Weibo account also posted a message to commemorate this milestone. Their message reads:

“In the days you have accompanied us, thank you all for joining hands with us and accompanying us all along. Our rapport polished by time has weaved beautiful moments that belong to each other.

It is you guys who have always given us courage to support our dreams, letting us grow from where our dreams started.

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No matter how time passes, bringing you guys happiness is still our only promise. Having you guys accompany us, we won’t be tired. We still have a dream to chase together. Thank you guys for protecting us day and night. The joyous shouting and cheers still lingers in our ears. Thank you guys for this first, which allowed us to advance courageously with perseverance and fearlessness, which also gave us precious memories together.

Six years isn’t long. This experience is very wonderful. Six years isn’t short, but the future is even further.”

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TFBOYS Commemorate 6 Year Anniversary of When They Received First Award

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  1. I’ve heard that the number of tickets sold for the 7th Anniversary Concert of TFBOYS exceeded one million, and the highest number of tickets sold online breaking the world record of online paid concerts.They got 786.000 views at the same time and beat the previous record made by bts. Way to go, BOYS!

  2. It’s already TFBOYS’ 7th Anniversary now , their Concert is AMAZING! I Love their new song ” Be With You, Karry’s Beautiful , Jackson’s My Boo and Roy’s Rose Petal. Keep your spirit, BOYS!

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