Orlando Ho and Wife, Gigi, Announce They’ve Already Divorced in Midst of Cheating Allegations

Orlando Ho and Wife, Gigi, Announce They've Already Divorced in Midst of Cheating Allegations

Orlando Ho (何猷啟), the son of the late Stanley Ho (何鴻燊), was plastered all over headlines the past few days for allegedly cheating on his wife after he was caught holding hands with another woman in public. He was married in 2018 to his Shanghainese wife, Gigi (齊嬌), and have two daughters together. The storyline took a different turn as Orlando Ho and Gigi both announced on social media they had divorced months ago.

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On July 26, Orlando Ho and Gigi posted about their divorce on their IG accounts. Orlando Ho’s message read: “Due to a lot of events occurring at home recently, it wasn’t suitable to announce Gigi and I’s matters. Sorry about that. Gigi and I actually already completed the divorce process a few months ago. Although we have separated, but we still maintain a very good familial relationship. We will also continue to invest love and support for our two children. Hope everyone gives us some space. Don’t disturb our private lives, especially the children. Please understand. Thank you.”

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Orlando Ho was spotted at the airport with Gigi and their daughters today. As it turns out, Orlando Ho was sending off Gigi and their two daughters. Gigi revealed she was taking her daughters to visit her mother in Shanghai and it was already a planned trip. When asked about the male friend she was seen with the other day, Gigi said he was just a friend and that he also felt helpless. When reporters approached Orlando Ho later in the day, he avoided questions about his new romantic partner, Alice Chung. He revealed the trip was already planned earlier and said the duration will last about a month or so including the 14 day quarantine.

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Since Alice Chung’s identity was exposed, she had already removed all her social media accounts. However, many people are coming out of the woodworks to reveal her background. She reportedly turned 21 in April. She has a younger brother and a younger sister. An “insider” claims Alice Chung doesn’t come from a wealthy family and doesn’t know how she had money to study in the UK. Alice Chung is often seen traveling, buying name brands, and likes to meet rich people. The insider claims she changed boyfriends often and already started partying at Lan Kwai Fong in junior high. She reportedly ran away from home when she was younger because she didn’t like being controlled by her parents. They also said it’s her MO to change numbers and delete her social media accounts from time to time to lay low and eventually creates new accounts again.

Alice Chung

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