5 Things about Steven Zhang Xincheng That Makes You Want to Stan Him

5 Things about Steven Zhang Xincheng That Makes You Want to Stan Him

Chinese actor, Steven Zhang Xincheng (张新成), is a rising star with hit series, “My Huckleberry Friends” (你好,旧时光) and “Skate Into Love” (冰糖炖雪梨), under his belt. He is gaining a lot of attention and acclaim for his role as “He Ziqiu” in the currently airing series, “Go Ahead” (以家人之名). While Steven Zhang is no newcomer, there are some things about him that might surprise you.

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Ace Student

In 2014, he took his college entrance exam and scored first place with 560 points in the four prestigious performance arts schools: Beijing Film Academy, Shanghai Theatre Academy, The Central Academy of Drama, and the Military and Cultural Institute of National Defense University, People’s Liberation Army. In the end, he chose to major in Musical Theatre at The Central Academy of Drama.

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Steven Zhang with his classmates

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Invested in “Go Ahead”

At 25 years of age, he has already invested in his own production. As it turns out, Steven Zhang’s studio is one of the production companies/presenters of “Go Ahead”. His role is actually credited as a “special guest appearance” in the credits.

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Convinced Tan Songyun to Take “Li Jianjian” Role

Seven Tan Songyun (谭松韵) reportedly didn’t want to take on “Li Jianjian” because she had reservations about portraying a 16 year old. She supposedly said at an event that she really liked the character, but seeing that she had to be Song Weilong (宋威龙) and Steven Zhang’s younger sister, she felt a lot of pressure. So in the beginning, she put forth several harsh conditions hoping the production crew would reject her. However, the director of the series was very earnest and continued to persuade her. They even got Steven Zhang calling her and he said he really wanted to collaborate with her. She mentioned that Steven Zhang ended up treating her to hotpot on the film set everyday.

Qualities He Looks for in a Partner

When it comes to his ideal partner, Steven Zhang doesn’t have a long list of requirements. He has mentioned on previous occasions that his only requirement is that she’s a girl. He was once asked what type of girls would attract him. He said, “I think as long as she’s a girl, I’d be attracted.” When the interviewer makes fun of him for having “low” standards, he said, “If she took the initiative to greet me, I’d be attracted.” On whether his criteria has changed since he debuted, he said, “No, still just girls.” In an older interview, when asked what qualities of the opposite sex attracts him, he said, “Just that they’re the opposite sex”.

Musically Talented

Since he was young, Steven Zhang has studied music, dance, piano, guitar, and music composition. He played a musician and conductor in “Symphony’s Romance” where he was able to show off his piano virtuoso skills. He also speaks fluent English. He has spoken English in various series, including the English trailer for “Skate Into Love”.

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  1. Obviously from a well to do family who can afford all those extra curricular lessons. Music and dance lessons with their instruments and apparels cost a bomb. And they could afford all of them, not just one instrument.

    1. Actually he is not growing rich. His father has financial problem with his business at that time and his mother have to work in supermarket. Once he said that if he can go back he want to go back at that time with lottery number that he has known so he can help his parents

  2. I really enjoyed watching all the episodes of Symphony Romance. Hope there will be more films with the same genre. The acting and musical skills of Steven Zhang and his female lead were perfect. Thanks.

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