Dilraba Says Her Selfies Can’t Be Shown Because They Don’t “Look Good”

Dilraba Says Her Selfies Can't Be Shown Because They Don't "Look Good"

Dilraba (迪丽热巴) was at an event for Always on February 3. The host asked her if she had any small tips to share on taking selfies. Dilraba expressed, “My selfies can’t be shown. My selfies don’t seem to look that good.” She explained a lot of people around her and netizens have told her before to not take any more selfies.

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Netizens left comments like, “Pretty girl, be more confident.”, “Jie, don’t be so Versailles”, “If you don’t look good, then there are no good-looking people.”

Dilraba Doesn’t Think She is That Beautiful

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This wouldn’t be the first time Dilraba was so modest in her appearance. She previously said in an interview that she was just a normal Xinjiang girl and had her own insecurities about her looks. However, Dilraba was also quick to correct a host that she looked better in person when compared to her pictures and videos.

Dilraba Corrects Host After Complimenting Her Beauty in Pictures and Videos

From the looks of her past selfies, Dilraba looks fine.

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4 thoughts on “Dilraba Says Her Selfies Can’t Be Shown Because They Don’t “Look Good”

  1. I can relate to what Dilraba feels about her appearance maybe back then she got bullied or she got compared to other actresses because of her unique beautiful looks. But damnn Rebaaa ur too beautiful really beautiful 😍😘

  2. Okay, enough Dilraba. I get that you might not have the best self esteem, but dang girl, if you don’t look good in a selfie, then we’re all ogres in ours. You’re job is to look good. Ain’t nothing wrong with owning up to your good looks.

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