Dilraba Doesn’t Think She is That Beautiful

Dilraba Doesn't Think She is That Beautiful

Dilraba (迪丽热巴) is often regarded as one of the most beautiful faces in China. The Uyghur actress often graces the cover of many magazines and ranks high on celebrity beauty ranking polls. Despite this, Dilraba doesn’t consider herself beautiful. She recently graced the January cover of COSMO magazine. In her interview, she got candid about not being confident about her looks and reading negative comments about herself that almost led her to give up on “The Ballad” (长歌行).

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When it comes to acting, Dilraba can clearly explain why she loves it, “Acting can help me realize my self worth. When my acting gets recognized, I feel my work wasn’t in vain. I also like the creativity in acting. Using a word to describe a person. Through performance, it can create a lively and vivid person. In fact, I am a person who likes fresh things. I also like this type of working condition in acting. Change a new place every 3-4 months and working with a bunch of new partners. In fact, through acting, I can experience different types of lifestyles in this world and interact with different people.”

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However, when she was considering to work on “The Long Ballad”, she was a bit hesitant because she saw a lot of online comments saying her looks were too modern and not suitable for filming ancient dramas. This left her feeling dejected. Aside from that, Dilraba started reading the manhua and discovered her character, “Li Changge”, was only 15-16 years old. So she felt her age (28) didn’t match with her character. However, she started to see the character’s transformation and growth, which attracted her and led her to love the character.

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Dilraba said she had always felt like she was just a normal Xinjiang girl since she was young and didn’t think she was particularly beautiful. She was actually envious of other girls’ beauty, thinking to herself how nice it would be “if my lips were a little thicker, I’d have two dimples when I smile or if my eyes were more single eyelids, and then have a little raised nose like European girls.”

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Because of the negative comments and her lack of confidence, Dilraba said, “That’s why I thought about not acting in it at the time since they will say I don’t look good. Right? Which girl is willing to hear others say, ‘You are so ugly.'” Just when Dilraba thought about quitting, her other voice appeared and reminded her, “Why must you care about the online comments? Commenting on someone’s appearance is a particularly rude thing to do. Everyone’s perception of beauty is different. You have no way of satisfying everyone. You should let them see you are able to portray different characters.”

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There is a saying, “When you walk 5 steps in Xinjiang, you can see a Dilraba.” Dilraba laughs and says she heard of the saying, but expresses, “My appearance isn’t that outstanding. I am not that talented either. Xinjiang indeed has a lot of good looking girls, but there are good looking girls everywhere!”

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  1. I didn’t know first why she so famous, I am a type of person doesn’t really easily feel amazed people around me. And the yt recommended me about dilreba 2 3 times. I was so curious, and when I see her acting in the long ballad.. Wow just wow. I am very impressed to her acting skill. It’s really amazing. I like it a lot!

  2. Dilraba, your features are beautiful and unique. It is this uniqueness that makes you- you. Please do not let negative comments affect you as those are only based on people’s reflection of themselves. In the end their dislike has nothing to do with you. I admire you and my family does too. Keep pushing forward, onward and outward. You are beyond beautiful!

  3. All Chinese artist are beautiful like you, Angelababy, bai lu, zhao lusi all of you. Everyone has its own uniqueness has thier own beau. Just let go those negative comments they are just bashers were no other work is to mind others business without looking reflecting thier own lives.

  4. 对我来说,她 (迪丽热巴) 是美丽和拥有心灵的大脑的缩影。停止嘲笑并在网上发布粗鲁的评论,因为它只表明您不成熟,嫉妒和不安全。

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