Simon Gong Jun’s Studio Denies Dating Rumors with Actress, Xu Muchan

Simon Gong Jun's Studio Denies Dating Rumors with Actress, Xu Muchan

Dating rumors between Simon Gong Jun (龚俊) and actress, Xu Muchan (徐沐婵), started circulating recently after netizens discovered they had old Valentine’s Day posts that were very similar. Simon Gong and Xu Muchan worked together in the 2017 series, “Lost Love in Times” (醉玲珑). In 2018, the both of them posted on May 20. Xu Muchan posted at 13:14, while Simon Gong posted at 13:16. He explained he was late a few minutes as he didn’t think to consider the time it would take to do the post, which delayed him in getting the post up at 13:14. As for 520, it is used among couples as it sounds similar to “I love you” in Chinese.

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In addition to Valentine’s Day’s posts, Xu Muchan dedicated a post to Simon Gong on his birthday in 2017 at 13:14. In Chinese, 1314 is used to represent forever as the numbers sound very similar to forever in Chinese. It is widely used by couples. She followed suit in 2018, but posted it at 13:26 instead. Xu Muchan also referred to Simon Gong as “Xiao xiongdi” in the 2018 post, which means “little brother”.

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However, other than those posts, there hasn’t been any other “evidence” to suggest the two were dating. On February 27, Simon Gong’s studio denied the dating rumors, saying, “Official clarification 2.0, hitting it with fake. These rumors, if there are any misunderstandings, they are purely coincidental. PS: Do you have concrete evidence? Try hitting it with the concrete evidence.”

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