BY2’s Studio Issues Statement on Rumors Regarding Yumi’s Love Life, Faking Police Report, and Faking Her Suicide, Yumi’s Friend, “007”, Takes Shot at Lee Jinglei

Content Warning: The following content may contain verbal and/or visual references to suicide and/or self harm. If you or someone you know is suicidal, please seek assistance with your local suicide intervention group:

Following Lee Jinglei’s(孙雨) statement on December 23, BY2’s studio issued another statement regarding the recent rumors surrounding Yumi. Just a day before, Yumi was in the news after a netizen claiming to be her friend, “007”, revealed she was at the hospital being treated for a suicide attempt. Netizens questioned if this was all a setup and that “007” was really just Yumi’s alt account releasing the information.

However, shortly after the news of Yumi attempting suicide went viral, a netizen claiming to have a friend work at the hospital where Yumi was treated, claimed she didn’t overdose on pills and didn’t get her stomach pumped. This person claimed Yumi only took two vitamins and two melatonin pills and was given oral medication and left the hospital around 9am. Shortly after, netizens started accusing Yumi of staging the suicide attempt in an effort to regain favor with the public after being accused of being a third party in Wang Leehom and Lee Jinglei’s marriage.

Aside from the fake divorce, netizens have questioned whether Yumi really filed a police report for defamation after being implicated as a third party. Since the rumors started, BY2 had previously posted their work events from Dec. 19 to Dec. 21 were canceled, but has since deleted the post.

In BY2’s latest statement, they expressed the recent rumors organized and planned attempts to maliciously slander BY2 and Yumi. They said all the rumors surrounding Yumi’s love life, fabricating rumors Yumi faked a police report, rumors saying their manager denied she committed suicide, rumors that she only took two melatonin pills and didn’t get her stomach pumped, are all false and, “intended to slander Ms. Yumi’s reputation to mislead the public to misunderstand and question her. These matters have already created great physical and mental damage to Ms. Yumi.” The studio said they previously remained quiet so that the perpetrators wouldn’t have a chance to destroy evidence. They already obtained partial evidence and reserve the right to take legal action.

“007” reposted BY2’s statement and commented: “Let me help everyone carve out the main points: 1. Yumi isn’t a mistress 2. The police report is real. 3. Suicide attempt, stomach pumping, rescue are real. 4. Those who create rumors next will have bad luck. 5. Reminding everyone ljl (Lee Jinglei) is also a netizen. Water armies better not be misleading and say they don’t dare to sue her. 6. Still scolding me that I am [Yumi’s] alt account at this time, when you are confirmed to be starting rumors, as a human, I feel sorry for your reading comprehension.”

BY2’s studio responded to “007’s” post with a thumbs up emoji and “007” responded back with a heart.

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  1. Just like Japanese singer LiSA’s husband. Tried to take his own life after news of his frequent cheating on his wife was revealed. Don’t feel bad for cheaters. You reap what you sow.

  2. So evidence is brought against her showing she was a third party in a relationship and the statement she makes is an attempted suicide. This is so embarrassing for her. How about repenting and reflecting and moving on?

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