Hinson Chou Reveals Break Up with Miss Hong Kong 2020 First Runner Up, Celina Harto, was Due to a Fourth Person in Their Relationship

Miss Hong Kong 2020 first runner up, Celina Harto (陳楨怡), has been in the hot seat after former TVB artist, Hinson Chou (周子揚), exposed their secret relationship and claimed she was dating multiple people at the same time. Hinson Chou also said Celina Harto was getting close with multiple TVB artists for their potential connections and was willing to sign a 10 year contract with TVB to rise up in the ranks. In the process, Hinson Chou released several intimate chat records and pictures between Celina Harto.

Celina Harto stated she was single since Hinson Chou first started releasing details to the media about their relationship. However, after Hinson Chou’s latest exposé, Celina Harto issued an IG post saying she was prepared to face the aftermath of being in a “sick relationship” and apologized to her colleagues for getting them dragged into this.

Despite Celina Harto’s post, Hinson Chou continued divulging more information to the public. On February 17, Hinson Chou wrote an IG post, saying, “I did fall in love with her during July 2020. Right now, in 2022, it ended our relationship. When we started to fall in love, she did indeed have a boyfriend. In our complicated love triangle, I continued to be in love with her. I still fell in love with her. In 2022, when we broke up, I still discovered she had a new him.”

Hinson Chou continued to say, “I admit, I am loyal and infatuated with you, yet you’re passionate and indifferent. This is the root planted by our unfair feelings. You deceived me, you deceived your family, and you also deceived your company. I feel extremely regretful for our relationship. We fell in love sweetly, but in the end, we couldn’t blossom. Even though I already did my best, I indeed did try my best. Honestly speaking, I still liked you more before you went into the industry. You were the best at that time. After you joined the industry, you were also my wrong choice. Forgive me for being a person who dares to love and dares to hate. I am an extremely temperamental person. A person who fights for justice, distinguishes right from wrong, speaks directly, and pursues the truth.”

Lastly, Hinson Chou said he hopes Celina Harto strongly continues on and not to hurt each other anymore. He also said he won’t respond to any media reports and hopes the issue subsides quickly, “truly hope you’ll become better and better. Thankful for once having you by my side, blessings.”

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3 thoughts on “Hinson Chou Reveals Break Up with Miss Hong Kong 2020 First Runner Up, Celina Harto, was Due to a Fourth Person in Their Relationship

  1. This guy just won’t shut up. He admits he went after her when she was in a relationship. Her ex Andy didn’t even say she cheated yet this guy is saying so. In his post he says he hopes this matter will go to bed soon, yet he is the one still talking about it. He limited comments on this IG post and only left the 4 supportive comments. What a total loser.

    1. I agree…. Why does he keep complaining about her? She is rich and beautiful. Does he expect her not to have tons of suitors.

      1. It’s especially brazen considering he wasn’t her official boyfriend. He’s acting like she cheated on him… last I checked his name isn’t Andy.

        She’s well rid of him and I hope the situation doesn’t impact her or her colleagues too much.

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