Bosco Wong and Kelly Cheung Start Filming with Lee Pace, Praises Him for Being Nice and Adorable

Bosco Wong Kelly Cheung Lee Pace Flying Tiger II

Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), Kelly Cheung (張曦雯), and Hollywood actor, Lee Pace, were seen in Central today filming for their series, “Flying Tiger II.”  It was reported Lee Pace arrived at the set with his assistant and greeted the entire cast and crew.  The three actors then took their places and were even seen talking and laughing together before the cameras rolled.   After awhile, a crew member had everyone take pictures in one go as Lee Pace was not used to people taking photos of him while he was filming. 

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When Lee Pace was done filming, it was said Kelly Cheung went to his van and chatted for a bit with Lee Pace and his assistant.  She even gave him a present and later on was seen taking out her phone, seemingly exchanging numbers with each other.  

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In the series, Kelly Cheung plays a British special agent and reports to Lee Pace.  Bosco Wong says, “We have some romantic scenes, just that we don’t dare to mention it.”  Bosco Wong also says he doesn’t know if there will be intimate scenes.  Kelly Cheung laughs and says there will be hugging scenes today.  Bosco Wong replies, “It’s already at the limit.  It’s very serious.  I will be yelled at by the netizens.  She is a goddess after all.”  

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When talking about Lee Pace, Bosco Wong praises him as being very nice and adorable.  Kelly Cheung reveals, “We went to eat mala hotpot with him and he ate everything, even pig’s blood and pig intestines.  Bosco Wong was surprised and asked her if she told him what it was.  Kelly Cheung said, “I did tell him what it was, but he said he wanted to try it.  After trying it, he said the pig’s blood was good and kept eating it.”  

Credit: Apple Daily,, Bosco Wong IG