Scooter Braun Squashes Beef with Kris Wu Over iTunes Controversy, Edison Chen Adds His Two Cents

Kris Wu Scooter Braun iTunes Controversy

Chinese heartthrob idol, Kris Wu (吴亦凡), released his debut album, “Antares” on November 2.  Several songs from the album immediately shot up to the top of the US iTunes chart, dethroning American pop stars, Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga.  This caused controversy as many Americans and fans of Ariana Grande were wondering who Kris Wu was and why so many of his songs charted.  Some butthurt fans also accused Kris Wu fans of changing account names and using bots to increase the album sales, therefore, rigging the charts.  

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What ensued after was some bashing between Kris Wu fans and Ariana Grande fans.  The miniature pop star and her manager, Scooter Braun, were also seen liking hateful tweets that were insinuating Kris Wu’s success was rigged.  If you check the charts now, Kris Wu’s songs are no longer listed in the top 10, while Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga are now charting. The misunderstanding between Kris Wu and Scooter Braun seems to be over as the latter went to Twitter to wish Kris Wu a happy birthday and included his lengthy Instagram post explaining how his album charted so quickly.  However, many fans felt an apology is still owed to Kris Wu from both Scooter Braun and Ariana Grande for allegedly liking racist posts about the Chinese idol.  

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Edison Chen Adds His Two Cents

Kris Wu’s favorite fan, Edison Chen (陳冠希), who has always had it out for the former and the “The Rap of China” (中国新说唱) franchise, seems to have paid attention to all this.  He went on Weibo today and posted the following: 

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While Edison Chen didn’t address this to anyone, but it seems pretty obvious he was referring to Kris Wu when he mentioned charts.  Kris Wu’s music company, Universal Music, also responded yesterday that his album and singles are still charting and that they were bought on iTunes through the standard process. 

Credit: Apple DailyEdison Chen Weibo, Scooter Braun IG