Roger Kwok Says His Character is Misunderstood in “Big White Duel”

Roger Kwok Says His Character is Misunderstood in Big White Duel

Roger Kwok (郭晉安) was promoting TVB’s “Big White Duel” (白色強人) at the Metro Radio station recently. When asked if he has read about netizen’s comments about his character, Roger Kwok sighs and explains, “This what you have to sacrifice for success. It’s been like this in the past whenever I filmed evil roles. But slowly, the storyline will progress to a point where you guys will realize you have falsely accused me. Because the things I am doing are not for my personal gain. In my past evil roles, the things I am doing are for my own gain, but this role isn’t. He has no personal gains in this”

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On netizens saying David Chiang’s (姜大偉) character being more evil than his, Roger Kwok says, “Yes, his character is a bit more implicit, while I have to be more explicit. He actually has a terminal disease in the series. He has to under a major surgery, but he ends up in a coma afterwards. The audience will be able to surmise whether his coma has anything to do with me. I actually perform surgery on him. In the end, everyone will know I’ve been false accused and wronged. Everyone’s crying at the end. No joke.”

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When asked if his kids will watch his series, Roger Kwok says, “My daughter is afraid of blood. My son says he doesn’t understand it yet so he says he will watch all my series when he grows up.” Roger Kwok also shares he will be taking his son to Europe for 20 days. As his wife, Cindy Au (歐倩怡), has night school and his daughter is too young, Roger Kwok explains, “This will be my first time taking my son on vacation. I turned down a lot of jobs for those 20 days. My manager doesn’t even dare tell me how much money we turned down, but my father-son relationship is more important than making money.”

Credit: Ming Pao,, Roger Kwok Weibo

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