Yang Mi Debuts New Look and Netizens aren’t Feeling it

Yang Mi Debuts New Look and Netizens aren't Feeling it

It seems anything related to Yang Mi (杨幂) is always plastered over the news. She is as seen as a fashion icon, especially with her airport looks. However, she debuted a new look today at the recording for the “China’s Got Talent” (中国达人秀) finals and netizens weren’t feeling it. Yang Mi showed up with a new haircut that contained wispy bangs and a smokey eye look. The topic “Yang Mi wispy bangs” immediately shot up to the top of the hot search list on Weibo.

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Once the pictures of her new look were shared, netizens immediately left comments saying, “There is nothing to say about Yang Mi’s looks, but this style is not suitable.”, “Even pretty girls can’t bear the stylist’s mess.”, “It’s not just the bangs that aren’t suitable, the make up ages her.”, “Is the stylist crazy? Turned a pretty girl into this?”, “Such a pretty jiejie and the stylist ruined her like this.”, “Jiejie is really pretty, but bangs really aren’t suitable for everyone.”, “Looks a bit like a wig.”

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There were also a few supporters who said, “Such a good looking face, whatever style fits her.”, “Weren’t we against cyber bullying just yesterday? Some people’s mouths are poisonous. A female celebrity has one unsuitable look and she gets yelled to death from top to bottom. Really no need for that.”, “Mi jie has always been good looking.”

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Do you think Yang Mi’s new look was a miss?

Credit: ETtoday, Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)

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  1. Why are people so negative about how famous people look? If you’re fans or netizens of an idol, just support your idol not make comments that are more like jealousy, bitterness, and belittling someone. Its bullying these idols to a point of no come back, meaning wanting to commit suicide because of someone comments. I’ll say you’re no better yourself if you put someone down for anything. What goes around comes around too, so think before saying or doing it to someone. Imagine if it’s someone close to you or a relative what would you think?

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