Yang Zi Emphasizes She’s Single on “Single’s Day”

Yang Zi Emphasizes She's Single on "Single's Day"

“Single’s Day” or “Double 11 Day” is the biggest event in China every year where people celebrate being single by indulging themselves in retail therapy on November 11. It’s celebrated on this day because of all the 1’s in the date, which represent being single. It’s the biggest shopping event of the year where sales are expected to reach in the hundred billions (RMB).

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Yang Zi Emphasizes She's Single on "Single's Day"

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Yang Zi had posted on Weibo today asking everyone, “Is everyone happily spending “Double 11″? I just finished work and there are a lot of things I wasn’t able to grab. A friendly reminder to everyone, when you’re buying, buying, buying, don’t forget your initial intentions. Don’t forget the real intention of this holiday. Don’t forget the fact you’re single because you’re busy buying things.”

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Yang Zi Emphasizes She's Single on "Single's Day"

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Afterwards, Yang Zi’s studio responded to her post saying, “Single dog, single dog, single dog. Don’t laugh at everyone else as you’re a single dog too. Hurry up and grab the things and go to bed.” Yang Zi responds back to her studio and says, “This single dog must go to sleep now. Xiao Zhi (studio’s name) must hurry up and sleep too. Staying up late won’t get you a boyfriend either.”

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Yang Zi Emphasizes She's Single on "Single's Day"

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Seeing the interaction, fans left comments saying, “Ha ha Ha, why must a single dog attack other single dogs?”, “Talking as if you’re not single. Psh!”, “Huh, single dog? She has over 53 million girlfriends (The number of Yang Zi’s Weibo followers), “We are not single dogs. We have Yang Zi.”

Credit: Sina, Weibo (1, 2, 3)