Chinese Fans are Rallying to Boycott Choi Siwon After Twitter Incident

Chinese Fans are Rallying to Boycott Choi Siwon After Twitter Incident

Super Junior member Choi Siwon got himself into hot water yesterday when he liked a tweet regarding the Hong Kong protests that made Chinese netizens and his fans think he was supporting the movements. Since then, a lot of fans have criticized Choi Siwon for dragging down his members and are asking him to leave Super Junior. He subsequently unliked the tweet and issued a statement apologizing for his actions on Weibo. However, the damage was already done. Besides Chinese netizens, his own fans and Chinese E.L.Fs (name for Super Junior fans) have rallied to boycott him and his activities in China.

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Some fans have started posting these pictures to rally around boycotting Choi Siwon and all his events, including the upcoming Super Junior 8 concert in Macau.

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This picture is asking SM Entertainment to respond to fans about the incident. They don’t want any ambiguous response and will not accept light treatment of the situation.

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Chinese Fans are Rallying to Boycott Choi Siwon After Twitter Incident

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In addition, Choi Siwon’s biggest Chinese fan club, “Choi Siwon Bar” announced they were shutting down operations and closing their site. They made a post on Weibo today saying:

“Firstly, this Weibo post is truly for the Siwon fans who had once deeply loved this person, but must leave him now. So if there are inappropriate comments on this post, I will delete them because I want to provide a place for them to properly bid their farewell.

The following is the announcement of the closing of our bar.

Nobody or nothing can sway our standpoint. Regarding the love for our country, we will not have the slightest concessions. Yuan Bar started with little love and is now ending with big love.

Past, youth, goodbye.”

Chinese Fans are Rallying to Boycott Choi Siwon After Twitter Incident

Former Choi Siwon fans left the following comments on the farewell post saying, “Really deeply loved him, but as a fan, first off, I am Chinese, very sensible, a Chinese who passionately loves my country. Truly sad for what he did. Regretful.”, “Thankful to our rational C-E.L.Fs. It has been hard on everyone.”, “I will never forget the good in you, but very regretful we have different viewpoints. Perhaps we are not important to you, but I can’t stand my dream and my faith being tarnished. I loved you, but I will forever passionately love and be loyal to my mother country. So let’s say goodbye to a part of my youth and dreams.”, “Really sad, it’s been 11 years, saying farewell to my youth.”

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    1. I don’t know that the comment was, but I always worry people tend to jump to conclusions too fast.
      Indeed he has a right to his opinion and they have a right to boycott him because of it. What I would consider screwed up would be his company forcing him to apologise, because that does nothing, he should be entitled to his opinion and if he loses fans for it, boo hoo.

  1. Absolutely the most stupidest bullsh*t i have ever read!! WTF can you turn on someone so fast! Like seriously the fuvk like dont you dare ruin this for the rest of us fans and make him leave like you did sungmin! I swear you can not get a more kindhearted and honest man then siwon! With every good thing hes done he gets so much hate for an accidental like on a tweet!! Wow! This is why so many people have depression! Noone is allowed to make a mistake! This is total crap!

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