Huang Zitao Reveals He Has Someone He Likes

Huang Zitao Reveals He Has Someone He Likes

Huang Zitao (黄子韬) is a cast member in the new variety show “The Protectors” (小小的追球). The show debuted today. In the trailer, he and the other cast member, Wang Yanlin (王彦霖) are the first ones to meet each other. Awkwardness ensues as they don’t know each other and have nothing to talk about. However, later clips are shown of the two of them getting along just fine. At one point, Huang Zitao and Wang Yanlin are talking about relationships.

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Huang Zitao Reveals He Has Someone He Likes

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All of a sudden, Huang Zitao tells Wang Yanlin, “I can actually tell you right now that I have someone I like. I really have someone.” However, that scene only lasted for five seconds. Netizens immediately left comments saying, “Is this a joke or for real? As a male idol, he is really upright for saying this.”, “Who could it be?”, “Sounds like an official announcement coming soon?”.

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Huang Zitao Reveals He Has Someone He Likes

Watch the video here:

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Fans were questioning the show’s editing skills and said, “I hope this is just the editing and not true.”, “Who does he like?”, “Haven’t you seen variety shows? Don’t you know it’s just the editing?”, “Don’t believe it. Once you do, you’ll lose.”, “The next phrase is: It’s you, Wang Yanlin.”, “It’s better to completely watch the show first and then comment.”

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This hits close to home for some fans as Huang Zitao was rumored to be dating a Korean internet celebrity, Kim Min Hyun, back in August when they were spotted eating together. Huang Zitao’s mom was also present at the time. She was seen feeding ice cream to Huang Zitao. At one point, Huang Zitao grabs her hand. Afterwards, she was seen sitting in the passenger seat of Huang Zitao’s car when they drove off. Huang Zitao has never addressed the rumors. A staff member from Huang Zitao’s team had responded to the media at the time and said, “We haven’t heard about this.”

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Credit: ETtoday, Weibo (1, 2)

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  1. każdy go lubi a nawet uwielbia ale jego życie prywatne to praktycznie jego sprawa a to czy kogoś ma lub uwielbia to nie jest fanów sprawa każdy kogoś darzy uczuciem a zażyłe fanki fanki tak bardzo by chciały mieć go na wyłączność muszą zrozumieć ze on tez ma prawo do własnego szczęścia

  2. yeah. Everyone have the right to live his life happily. Actually it’s high time the matter is solved but steel many people try to make it real.
    Huang Ze Tao now you have a high position. Not only China but also among all over the world you have many fans. They make group to communicate with others about you. Obviously it’s good. But many people are trying to loss your reputation through those groups.
    But your real fans will never misunderstand you.We all love you.We all support you.
    So just lead your life as you want.

    1. I completely agree with you. his personal and private life is

      Like his pictures, comment and praise his work, SHUT THE F*CK UP about his dating life.

  3. Just enjoy your life and be happy fans r just there to cheer you up but you have to live your life don’t let your fans live your life for you. You only live once

  4. Just be happy. unless she is a horrible person, then who cares, Hopfully if he gets married, ppl will stop calling a 26 yr old man a boy

  5. What’s all the fuss…? They are humans first and foremost. They are entitled to live lime one. Fans you’re temporary, love is forever. Life is only but one. So give this young man a break and let him live a life like you and me…to be able to love someone else other than his career and fans. For goodness sake….his life does not belong to you. Young man, go live and love….that is your human right!

    1. That is so true give him a break
      Enjoy your youth you only live once celebrity or not , idol or not. Just be Happy 😊☺️🤗

  6. Go for what you like ZTao
    I support you
    And congratulations👏🎉🎇🎊🎆

    1. Yes that’s right. He is human too. He needs love and to be taking care of. I support you Tao if you have a girlfriend

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