Kimberley Chen Responds to Re Yina Firing Back at Her with Diss Track

Kimberley Chen Responds to Re Yina Firing Back at Her with Diss Track

“Produce 101 China” (创造101) trainee, Kimberley Chen (陳芳語), released her new song, “KOW TOW”, on March 11. There was a line in the song that netizens felt was a diss to fellow trainee, Re Yina (热依娜), who got into an altercation with Kimberley Chen during the “Produce 101 China” days. The line in question is, “Hurry, pack it up, buy a train ticket, go back to Xinjiang.” Re Yina responded back to Kimberley Chen on March 12 by reposting her last Weibo post and said, “diss back on da way b*tch !”

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On March 13, Re Yina released her diss track, which immediately trended at number one on Weibo. She tagged Kimberley Chen with the diss track and said, “The diss track I promise you is delivered to you. Waiting for yours tomorrow?.” She named it “Ai Ni” (爱你), which was Kimberley Chen’s debut single.

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Re Yina started off dissing Kimberley Chen by saying she was a “frog at the bottom of the well“, which is a Chinese idiom to say someone has a narrow view of the world. She also poked fun at allegations that Kimberley Chen is pro-Taiwan independence by asking her if she ate all 18 kgs of pineapple yet, referencing to a remark someone made after China’s recent ban on importing pineapple from Taiwan, which the latter have argued was a political move. She also dissed Kimberley Chen using the “hidden poem” format, where the first character of each line made up this sentence, “Chen Fangyu (Kimberley Chen’s Chinese name), you are a stupid c*nt. Shut your mouth. Get the hell out.”

The first character each line making up a sentence to call Kimberley Chen a “stupid c*unt”.

Re Yina also kept saying, “bu yao chi”, which means “don’t eat”, in an exaggerated manner, making it sound like she is saying b*tch. At the end, Re Yina included these lines, “Why were you not popular last year and the year before? You call me out and you immediately lift off. Bu yao chi (b*tch), Bu yao chi (b*tch), Bu yao chi (b*tch)…” Re Yina starts singing the chorus from Kimberley Chen’s song, “Ai Ni”, but starts coughing and says, “I can’t sing it, can’t sing it.”

Click on the blue play button to listen to Re Yina’s diss track:

Re Yina

Re Yina left a comment on her post, tagging Kimberley Chen and said, “It’s nothing, just that I’m not like you taking so long to prepare. I looked at Weibo yesterday night and wrote some verses. I went to sleep, woke up in the morning and recorded a song. The lyrics to don’t “Ai Ni” (Love You) are here. I welcome you to continue to diss back.”

Kimberley Chen responded to Taiwanese media about Re Yina’s diss track. She said, “I think it’s really great. Hip hop and rap are supposed to have a lot of disses. I don’t have any ill intentions, but I was indeed dissed by her a while ago, but I don’t want to make it so negative.”

As for the insults in Re Yina’s lyrics, Kimberley Chen said, “I think that since we are in such a free place, it doesn’t matter what we say, so I respect her.” Kimberley Chen, who was born and raised in Australia, said her Chinese proficiency isn’t that good, “It’s already so difficult to read traditional characters, I can’t really read simplified characters. I really won’t get mad. When this started in the beginning, I just wanted to share. There’s no ill intentions. We also reconciled later on. I am very happy she’s writing songs. It’s very fun to create.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2), LTN, IG