Joe Chen and Boyfriend, Alan Chen, Announce Marriage After Meeting on Reality Show in 2019

Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin weren’t the only couple getting married on March 31. Taiwanese actress, Joe Chen (陳喬恩), and her Malaysian native, boyfriend, Alan Chen (曾伟昌), also tied the knot on the same day. Earlier in the day, Taiwanese media reported Joe Chen and Alan Chen were seen registering their marriage at the Daan District Household Registration Office in Taiwan.

The news was confirmed when Joe Chen and Alan Chen uploaded a picture of them wearing matching wedding rings. They both wrote and tagged each other:

“Simple, yet plentiful
Having you by my side is just right
I know happiness when it’s at my side.
Thank you everyone for your blessings.”

Joe Chen also wrote in English:

“An important milestone for us.
Today marks the end of March and beginning of our wonderful journey, together.
May each day bring us our hearts closer.
Love you forever, my husband 🥰”

The couple met on the 2019 Chinese reality show, “Meeting Mr. Right 2” (女儿们的恋爱2). At the end of the show, the two agreed to continue dating. When Alan Chen was first revealed as Joe Chen’s dating partner, it was met with a lot of skepticism and opposition stemming from his looks, background, and him being 9 years younger than her. Since going public with their relationship, the couple would often post about each other.

There were a few occasions in which Joe Chen was rumored to be pregnant, but she has denied it each time. Joe Chen’s manager confirmed that Joe Chen and Alan Chen had registered their marriage in the morning on March 31. They also said, “Their relationship is very stable. They’re all very happy.” As for whether Joe Chen was pregnant or not, the manager responded, “No.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3), Alan Chen IG

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