UNINE’s Li Wenhan Plays a “Fuerdai” in “Chasing Ball”

UNINE's Li Wenhan Plays a "Fuerdai" in "Chasing Ball"

UNINE’s Li Wenhan’s (李汶翰) new series, “Chasing Ball” (追球) premiered on iQiyi today. The series stars Fan Shiqi (范世錡), Bu Guanjin (卜冠今), SNH48’s Li Yitong (李艺彤), Huang Shengchi (黄圣池), Zhu Yuanbing (朱元冰), Li Wenhan (李汶翰), Hung Xiao (洪潇) and others.

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This is a youthful idol drama that talks about rich girl, “Yan Xiaoxi”(颜晓希) played by Bu Guan Jin, who just transferred to the new school to help get justice for her father. Fellow student, “Qi Jinghao” (齐景浩), played by Fan Shiqi, discovers she is a fraud. At first, “Qi Jinghao” felt disdain for “Yan Xiaoxi”, thinking she is vain. However, he discovers she possesses the whirlwind ball technique that he has been searching for a long time. As president of the ping pong club, he plans to join the nationwide collegiate ping pong cup. In order to do so, he threatens “Yan Xiaoxi” into teaching him the whirlwind ball technique in exchange for not revealing her secret of being a fraud. “Qi Jinghao” thinks this would be an easy transaction and would easily have Yan Xiaoxi under his control. However, she turns out to be a little devil! “Qi Jinghao” will have to win “Yan Xiaoxi” before he can win the trophy.

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Storyline and Character Introductions

UNINE's Li Wenhan Plays a "Fuerdai" in "Chasing Ball"
Bu Guanjin and Fan Shizhen

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As for Li Wenhan, he plays a “fuerdai” (富二代), a second generation heir, “Yun Gaoyang” (云高洋). At a recent press conference, he expressed he’s portraying himself with this character. He said, “Yun Gaoyang’s character is outgoing. Aside from “fuerdai”, we are very similar in other aspects.” On the most memorable scene, Li Wenhan reveals it was a fight scene with Yang Gen (杨亘). In order to get the true feeling, Li Wenhan and Yang Gen really hit each other. Yang Gen reveals Li Wenhan’s body was really good as he exuded a lot of strength at the time.

UNINE's Li Wenhan Plays a "Fuerdai" in "Chasing Ball"
Li Wenhan and Hung Xiao

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As for SNH48’s Li Yitong, she describes her character as prideful, pure, direct, silly, and pretty. Her character is the school’s campus belle. Not only is she pretty and rich, but she is also an excellent student. Being labeled by fans as “single for 23 years”, Li Yitong reveals she was extremely nervous about the romantic scenes.

Li Wenhan is a narcissist.

The cast also played some games and revealed some secrets about each other at the press conference. . At one point, Li Wenhan is exposed as being the most narcissistic. Yang Gen reveals after Li Wenhan gets his makeup done and gets to the film set, he would look in front of a mirror to fix his hair. Another actor revealed Li Wenhan would often tell others to look at looked at the playback footage and tell them “look at my perfect jaw bone.”

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During one of the segments the cast had to find out who was “undercover.” It turned out to be Li Wenhan. Even though everyone guessed it was Li Wenhan, they didn’t notice he was carrying out his mission to “perform the OST song three times.” As punishment, Li Wenhan called his UNINE member, Hu Chunyang (胡春杨) and sang one of the OST songs, “Soft Candy Beach” (软糖沙滩). He also requested Hu Chunyang to post on Weibo to support the series, making the fan girl present scream.

The series airs two episodes from Monday to Thursday.

Watch Li Wenhan call Hu Chunyang: https://www.iqiyi.com/v_19rsahdzrc.html

Watch Episode 1: https://www.iqiyi.com/v_19rs9tcuu0.html#curid=2773667700_5f87f6b124722786d7c94376c8164d01

Watch Episode 2:

Watch BTS clips here: http://www.iqiyi.com/a_19rrgxz9l9.html

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