Aaron Yan Has the Most Passionate Fans, Responds to Post Questioning His Popularity

Aaron Yan Has the Most Passionate Fans, Responds to Post Questioning His Popularity

Aaron Yan (炎亞綸) might have the most passionate fans among the entertainment industry. He was recently trending on Weibo when a female fan circulated a picture she and her boyfriend took with him and jokingly said she felt like the third party. The Taiwanese idol attended a promotional event in Jinan, China on June 15. He had a photo session that day, but one particular fan was especially passionate. Once the female fan saw Aaron Yan, she got so excited and giddy, she charged against him for a bear hug, surprising the idol.

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Everyone else was just as surprised as two crew workers were about to stop her. However, Aaron Yan was being a good sport and lived up to his reputation for being a “warm man” (暖男). He immediately used his hand to block the crew workers. He willingly took pictures with her, granting all her pose requests.

Watch the video of the giddy fan: http://t.cn/AiNov7l8?m=4384247420567569&u=1642591402

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Once the video went viral, many fans were envious. Many left comments such as: “Aaron Yan is really super warm.”, “Aaron Yan is too good of a person!”. However, there were some netizens who felt this fan’s behavior was dangerous and could have hurt her and Aaron Yan. A group of fans helped the fan to clarify she was just too excited at the sight of Aaron Yan to only have charged against him. They also apologized to Aaron Yan on her behalf and urged others not to follow suit.

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Popularity Questioned

This incident couldn’t have come at a better time as Aaron Yan reacted to a post on Chinese forum, Douban, that questioned his popularity on Instagram. The post showed a picture of Aaron Yan at an event held at a mall with a lot of his fans in attendance, as shown in the light boards. The title of the post says, “I want to know if Aaron Yan’s popularity is real? This is a picture of an event at Zhengzhou’s Wanda Mall. I don’t have any particular agenda. I’m just curious if Aaron Yan is still this popular.” One netizen said most of his fans have been diehard fans for more than 5 years. One other netizen said his fan base grew after last year’s photo scandal.

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Aaron Yan left a simple caption in his IG post in response to this netizen: “If people don’t think highly of you, just smile, this actually makes me want to prove myself even more.”

Credit: ETtoday.net, Sina Ent, Douban, Aaron Yan IG

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