Li Wenhan Roasts Himself and Wang Yibo

Li Wenhan Roasts Himself and Wang Yibo

UNINE member, Li Wenhan (李汶翰), was on the recent episode of the Chinese variety show, “Roast” S4 (吐槽大会4). The show is based on the American show, “Comedy Central Roast” where the guest is trashed by a panel. Each panel member goes up and does their monologue that roasts the guest and themselves. The guest this week was host, Zhu Dan, who has been in news for mispronouncing three celebrity names in a span of 40 days. Li Wenhan started off his dialogue saying, “Even though I debuted twice, but there might still be some people who don’t know me…but that is okay because in front of Zhu Dan jie, everyone is equal.”

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Later on, Li Wenhan roasts himself again when he’s talking about actor, Yu Haoming (俞灏明), who won sixth place in the 2007 male singing competition, “Super Boy” (快乐男声). He starts off saying, “Even though he only got sixth place that year, but I am very envious of him because no one will say why this sixth place winner isn’t as popular as the previous year. As for me, I got first place in our competition, but there will be people who will say I am not as popular as the previous year’s [first place].”

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Li Wenhan Roasts Himself and Wang Yibo

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Next Li Wenhan talks about Yu Haoming being able to host “Day Day Up” (天天向上) once he debuted and mentioned how he was anxious for him because he didn’t speak one word. Li Wenhan then says, “Being a host is so simple, I can host too. Isn’t it just saying, ‘We are Day Day Up Brothers’ in the beginning, ‘hahaha’ in the middle, one hour later, ‘See you guys next week.’ I am deeply suspicious Wang Yibo (王一博) also discovered this secret and decided to go be a host on ‘Day Day Up’.”

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Watch the clip here:

Li Wenhan Roasts Himself and Wang Yibo

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Most fans thought it was funny and didn’t take it seriously as these monologues are usually scripted and is done for shock value, which is the point of the show. Even the show once pointed out Wang Yibo only spoke a total of 897 words since he hosted “Day Day Up”. The longest sentence he ever spoke was for a sponsor.

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