William Chan Explains Why He Cherishes Working with Yang Mi in “Novoland: Pearl Eclipse” This Time

William Chan Explains Why He Cherishes Working with Yang Mi in Novoland Pearl Eclipse This Time Weibo

Tencent held its annual press conference on August 2, announcing many new series and variety shows. Yang Mi (杨幂) and William Chan (陳偉霆) were in attendance to promote their currently filming series, “Novoland: Pearl Eclipse” (斛珠夫人). In the series, Yang Mi crossdresses at first and later is revealed to be a woman. Yang Mi said it was a very fresh idea for her.

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As for William Chan, he revealed, “In the beginning, we were both dressed as males. You can see the change in her moods were particularly big. It’s like that day if she’s filming in a female costume, she will be like, “Hey! Hello! Morning!”. Yang Mi responded back, “That’s why I cherish when there are female costume scenes in this series. I get very happy.”

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The host then asked how they feel after collaborating for the second time. Yang Mi corrected him and said this is actually their third time working together. William Chan brought up, “As a couple, this is the first time. I especially cherish it this time because I wasn’t the male lead the previous two times. So I feel like I’ve succeeded now, being able to film with Yang Mi and become a male lead. This proves that all my hard work these years weren’t in vain.”

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Yang Mi jokingly asked William Chan, “So the script you took is for the male lead?” William Chan responded, “It seemed like you guys kept changing the script in the end. It wasn’t the male lead anymore.” Yang Mi reiterates, “This is just a joke, just a joke! Sorry, we didn’t change the script!” Yang Mi also explained she and William Chan are very familiar with each other and have known each other for years now. She said, “We have a lot of rapport. Sometimes, it just takes an eye gaze and we understand.”

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