Huang Xiaoming Invites Zanilia Zhao Liying to Join “Sisters Who Make Waves” S2

Huang Xiaoming Invites Zanilia Zhao Liying to Join "Sisters Who Make Waves" S2

In the fifth episode of “Chinese Restaurant 4” (中餐厅4), cast members, Zanilia Zhao Li Ying (赵丽颖), Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明), and Ariel Li (李浩菲), are casually chatting in the car. Ariel Li mentions to Huang Xiaoming that she seriously follows him on “Sisters Who Make Waves” (乘风破浪的姐姐), which he hosts. Huang Xiaoming responds, “I didn’t know I would still have fans.”

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Zanilia Zhao also jumps in and says, “I seriously follow that show and especially like the jiejies in there.” Huang Xiaoming jokes around saying, “I am also very surprised. I also really like your series.” Zanilia Zhao slaps his arm and retorts back, “I like the jiejies. It has nothing to do with you.” Huang Xiaoming also retorted back, “I like Feng Shaofeng (Zhao Liying’s husband). It has nothing to do with you.” Zanilia Zhao responds, “Do I have to sing then?” and then she sings to Justin Bieber’s “Baby” playing in the background, referring to Huang Xiaoming’s wife, Angelababy, who is often called “Baby” in China.

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Huang Xiaoming then seriously asks Zanilia Zhao if she wants to join the next season of “Sisters Who Make Waves”. Zanilia Zhao responds, “I don’t dare.” Huang Xiaoming cooly says, “No worries, I am here.” However, Zanilia Zhao was not convinced and responds to him, “It’s especially tiring.” Huang Xiaoming said he would support her.

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It hasn’t been confirmed whether there will be a season 2 of “Sisters Who Make Waves”, but there have been rumors the second season is in the works right now. Would you want to see Zanilia Zhao on the show?

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