Former Assistant Breaks into Jerry Yan’s Home

F4 member and later the J in JVKV, Jerry Yan (言承旭), has been working primarily in mainland China for the past few years.  As such, he is often not in Taiwan.  It was reported yesterday, a male intruder broke into Jerry Yan’s home this year.  When the security guards came, the intruder was already gone.  Once Jerry Yan was alerted, he asked his mother to report it to the police as he was not in town.  

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After a police investigation, it was discovered the intruder was Jerry Yan’s former assistant, whose last name is Chan.  The Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office formally charged Mr. Chan for intrusion.  It is reported Jerry Yan had revealed to a friend after the incident that Mr. Chan was indeed once his assistant.  It turns out Jerry Yan has a tendency of hiring his old classmates or army mates to work for him.  Because there were expensive items stolen from his home, which scared his mother, he insisted on reporting the burglary.  

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Once the police arrested Mr. Chan, he admitted he was once Jerry Yan’s assistant for some time so he had a key to his home.  He reveals even though he left the job for many years, he wanted to see how Jerry Yan was doing lately, which is why he used his key to enter the house.  However, investigators found out Mr. Chan had actually first used his key to enter the front door, but it wouldn’t open.  He then tried the back door, crawled over and entered the home.  He realized the side door was not locked properly, so he entered through there, but not realizing it would set off the alarm.  

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Since the case has gone to trial, Jerry Yan hasn’t shown up in court.  Jerry Yan’s mother says she doesn’t know Mr. Chan and is only representing her son.  When Mr. Chan gave his testimony, he admitted going to Jerry Yan’s home, but has no intentions of working out a plea deal.  He also expressed he would let the prosecutor handle the case according to the law.  Considering Mr. Chan pleaded guilty and had no prior history, the prosecutors will charge him for intrusion and ask for a lighter sentence.

Credit: Apple Daily TW, Jerry Yan Weibo

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