Zheng Shuang Accused of Getting More Plastic Surgery

Zheng Shuang Accused of Getting More Plastic Surgery

When Chinese actress Zheng Shuang (郑爽) debuted in 2009 in the bootleg version of “Meteor Garden”, “Meteor Shower”, she was known for her sweet and pure appearance. She won the hearts of the public and became China’s sweetheart. However, in 2013, she wasn’t satisfied with her looks and decided to get plastic surgery. What made her different from other stars at the time was that she admitted to getting work done. When she attended a function she was asked about the rumors and said, “There is nothing to avoid. I don’t want to deny it. It’s a very normal thing. I will take care of my looks with my own hands.”

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At the time, she also admitted to dating Hans Zhang (张翰). It was rumored that she had gotten work done due to the pressure of being with Hans Zhang. To this, she had responded that it was her own decision and expressed, “I just felt like I wanted a change. A lot of people try to protect me and want me to avoid this situation, but I don’t want to lie to everyone. I don’t want to lie to the people who love me either.”

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Zheng Shuang Accused of Getting More Plastic Surgery
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Fast forward to 2019, Zheng Shuang is making headlines again for her nose. After a video and pictures of her at the airport flying to Paris Fashion Week were released recently, many netizens noticed her nose looked a bit different. They immediately suspected her of getting more work done on her nose. Zheng Shuang has never shared what work she had done before, but it’s apparent her nose looked very different from when she first debuted to 2013, when she first admitted to getting plastic surgery.

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Netizens say the bridge of her nose looks especially prominent and is too high. Due to her cheeks being particularly hollow, netizens are saying, “The height of her nose and her face shape don’t match.” Some fans defended Zheng Shuang and said it could be the effects of make up that is making her nose look different than usual and that she has admitted to getting work done before. However, there are netizens who aren’t buying the make up excuse and said, “Makeup can transform your side profile that straight?” Netizens compared the pictures and from the side profile view, they claim the tip of her nose looks to be longer. They explained the tip of her old nose to the wing of the nose is diagonal, but right now, it’s just straight.

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Zheng Shuang Accused of Getting More Plastic Surgery

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  1. Her nose does look different. Sort of reminds me of a Pelican bird now. Why did she get more plastic surgery. She was already so beautiful TT
    I wish actresses were more confident with the way they are naturally. Getting plastic surgey ruins the face or makes everyone look the same.

    1. It’s her decision for what she wants to get done, she shouldn’t be criticized for this. This doesn’t mean she didn’t have confidence or anything. It’s her nose and her looks, if she wants to change it then that’s on her.

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