Chen Zhuoxuan Addresses Accusations BonBon Girls 303 Blocked R1SE’s Banner at the Super Novae Games

Chen Zhuoxuan Addresses Accusations BonBon Girls 303 Blocked R1SE's Banner at the Super Novae Games

Tencent’s annual Super Novae Games (超新星运动会2020) started their live broadcast of the finale games on August 14. A bunch of idols and celebrities are invited to compete in a series of sporting events each year. CHUANG 2020’s new girl group, BonBon Girls 303, attended their first Super Novae Games this year after debuting in July. However, there was some controversy when R1SE fans accused BonBon Girls 303 (硬糖少女303) members, Chen Zhuoxuan (陈卓璇), Zhang Yifan (张艺凡), and Wang Yijin (王艺瑾), of blocking R1SE’s banner hanging at one of the seating areas in the stadium.

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This picture showing BonBon Girls 303’s banner being raised above R1SE’s banner angered some of R1SE’s fans. Someone called out the three members and said they were rude for blocking the banner and even wished for BonBon Girls 303’s banner to be covered by other artists in the future.

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Due to the heated debate between the fans of both groups, Chen Zhuoxuan responded to the post calling them out saying, “Was not trying to block it. In order not to block it, we specially covered two thirds of our banner. The entire pole is very long, but only the middle section of the spectator’s aisle wouldn’t block other people’s view. We were also only standing up when our members were competing. The space is limited, there is mutual understanding. Also, hope our shixiongs (male seniors) can achieve great results at the Super Novae Games.”

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Many netizens showed support for Chen Zhuoxuan. They defended her saying if they didn’t respond, they’d also get yelled at for not addressing it or would be waiting to get yelled at. One person even said, “It’s quite good to explain it. I’ve changed my view of Chen-jie”.

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