Zheng Shuang Explains Why She Doesn’t Like Her Character, “Bei Weiwei”, from “Love O2O”

Zheng Shuang Explains Why She Doesn't Like Her Character, Bei Weiwei from Love O2O

Fans have been asking for a Yang Yang (杨洋) and Zheng Shuang (郑爽) reunion ever since they starred in “Love O2O” (微微一笑很倾城) four years ago. Yang Yang gave us a treat last year when he sent birthday greetings to Zheng Shuang for her birthday party with fans. Back in August, Yang Yang got CP shippers all excited when he sang the ending theme song to “Love O2O” on variety show, “The Irresistible”. He also said, “How could I not know how to sing this?” when his teammate, Cheney Chen, thought he wouldn’t know how to sing this song.

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Zheng Shuang recently did an interview with Xinhuanet (新华网) on the show, “Two-way Mirror” (双向镜). One of the segments features Zheng Shuang eating hotpot with a fan. While the two are eating hotpot, Zheng Shuang asks her fan which series is her favorite. The fan tells Zheng Shuang she has liked her since “Meteor Shower” (一起来看流星雨) and that she really likes “Weiwei” (微微) from “Love O2O”. Zheng Shuang asks her what she likes about “Weiwei”. The fan explains, “Weiwei actually has a lot of outside factors slandering her.”

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Zheng Shuang then honestly speaks her opinion and says, “From my point of view, I don’t like her.” The fan asks, “Is it because she is too perfect?” Zheng Shuang says, “No, she is just a fantasy. I think it’s because there are a lot of people who might not be in that state. So are there times where I have disappointed you guys or done things where you guys think I have problems?” The fan says Zheng Shuang sometimes has a mentality that she is still a child at heart and hopes she can “grow up and be mature” for her next birthday.

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Upon hearing this, Zheng Shuang explains that from an early age, she already knew it wasn’t easy for her parents to earn money. She understood the importance of money at a young age and that she needed to earn her own money before she could get the things to fulfill her needs. She also openly admits the reason she originally became an actor was because she wanted to make money.

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Zheng Shuang then recounts filming commercials at 5 years old because she wanted to join the industry. Her father used to work in construction. She remembered her mother would bring her to KFC once a month and when she was sick one time, she really wanted to eat a hamburger and her father got it for her while bearing the rain. She doesn’t want to see her father’s back because it would make her cry. So Zheng Shuang says she pretends to be a very cool person.

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  1. I enjoy ed this film it restores you faith in romance That a man with the lack of interest in pursuing a woman. Sees WEewei and finds her enormously attractive but also smart I loved it and have seen it many times over. She has the face of a porcelain doll She is beautiful In todays world we see so many weird things and funny looking people it is nice to see someone beautiful

  2. I’m a big time fan of love 020… It’s a lovely c-drama which I re-watch even today.. It always fills my heart with sweet love. Although its a love fantasy it’s still mesmerizing.. I don’t mind watching it even the 10th time 😉

  3. You are soooo cute and this is my first time watching a chinese movie. You are soo beautiful
    I am a big fan of yan yan love 020 movie

  4. I am big fan of you .I really like Love O2O .this was my first Chinese drama afterwards I saw many Chinese drama before that I only watched Korean drama.actually in Chinese drama I don’t understand language, emotions while in Korean dramas I m closely connected the scene and emotion without understanding the language

  5. I know there are many peoples who suffers alote to success thier dreams in true life and give a batter future to thier parents

  6. I think she is ok as an actress, but she is way sickly skinny, her legs look like they are about to break, sorry but she does not look healthy..

    1. So what if she’s skinny? Is there anything wrong with being skinny? How do you she’s not healthy? Are her person doctor?
      Stop assuming things about others without knowing facts. It really hurts when when people call others unhealthy just by looking at their body.

      1. *do you know if
        *Her personal
        Sorry I’ve this bad habit of making typos
        Hope you don’t mind em

  7. I also admired you Zheng Shuang your straight forward and your honesty.
    Wish you and Yang yang to make another movie or drama.
    Your Love O2O make me wish of dream something good.

  8. In tv we see fantasies, but I really love zheng shuangs role in love 020 with master keep safe zheng shuang full support fan here! I really love love 020 cdrama💖

    1. All dramas are fantasies. When actors can embody the character they play, they have done a great job. Zheng Shuang did it very well in Love O2O.

      1. I hope yang yang and zheng shuang will be a couple in real life too. Most adorable couple i jave ever seen

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