Jin Chen Calls Casper Her “Destined Person” After First Date on “Meeting Mr. Right 3”

Jin Chen Calls Casper Her Destined Person After First Date on Meeting Mr. Right 3

Jin Chen (金晨) has already gone on dates with two male guests, Zhang Jike (张继科) and Ian Chen (陈一鸣), on “Meeting Mr. Right 3” (女儿们的恋爱3). She rejected the both of them as she didn’t feel she was compatible with either person. Jin Chen was asked if she was worried about the audience thinking she is picky after rejecting two people. She responded, “I am not worried. I really think this really depends on the feelings. If I like it, then I like it. If I don’t like it, then I don’t like it. I also hope I can be completely free in front of him. He can also be free in front of me.”

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On the ninth episode that aired on December 23, Jin Chen embarked on her date with the third male guest, singer, Casper (卡斯柏). Before seeing each other, they were placed in a room without the lights turned on. They had to guess each other’s identity. Casper quickly identified Jin Chen, while it took her a little longer. Casper then says Jin Chen should be a bit younger than him, but she is actually a year older than him, which she didn’t seem to mind.

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As they couldn’t see each other, hilarity ensues when they talk about height. Casper warned her that she might be a little taller than him, which she didn’t mind as long as it wasn’t too big of a difference. After Casper suggests they switch seats to try to get the show to turn on the lights, he tries to measure his height against Jin Chen and then assures her he’s a little taller than her.

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They finally meet in person with the lights on and it seems natural. Casper asks her to try a piece of his cake. Jin Chen then says, “I’ve always thought it was only suitable for me to find an alien [as a partner].” Casper asks her, “You are an alien?” Jin Chen repeats what she said and then Casper says, “I am that alien [you are looking for].” Then the both of them say in unison, “I am from Mars.” Jin Chen then says, “Then you are my destined person.”

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They seem to hit it off as the date progresses. Their interactions are very natural and not forced. Casper continues to make Jin Chen laugh throughout dinner with corny jokes like pointing to the trees when asking if she wanted more vegetables. After the date ends, Casper and Jin Chen are asked to rate each other. Casper gives Jin Chen 90 points and says he’s saving 10 points to slowly develop feelings. As for Jin Chen, she said, “I think we are very much on the same channel. It’s very, very hard for me to find someone who is on the same channel as me. Moreover, I also think it’s very comfortable, smooth, and a person I really like. It’s really hard. It’s very good.” Jin Chen gave Casper 85 points, which the panel thought was really high.

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