R1SE’s Ren Hao Admits to Hanging Out with Female Internet Celebrity After Fan Club Denies His Participation

R1SE's Ren Hao Admits to Hanging Out with Female Internet Celebrity After Fan Club Denies His Participation

In these past few days, R1SE members, He Luoluo (何洛洛), Yao Chen (姚琛), and Ren Hao (任豪), were all trending on Weibo when rumors started circulating the three of them were hanging out with a female internet celebrity named Li You (李由). A female netizen posted on Weibo about her experience going to an Escape Room with a male idol.

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She claims a male idol asked her to hang out with him. The male idol brought two other group members with him and she brought two of her girlfriends. They had a meal and ended up going to an Escape Room and she even praised the male idol for having a good personality and was very handsome. Netizens suspected it was Ren Hao who brought He Luoluo and Yao Chen with him on the outing.

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After the rumors went viral, the three R1SE members’ fan clubs issued statements saying they checked with the artists’ company and confirmed they didn’t participate in the events that were circulated online. However, a fashion and beauty blogger by the name of Bingo Hu (胡宾果) came out defending the female internet celebrity and showed a chat convo he had with Ren Hao. The screenshot shows Ren Hao asking the blogger to go go-karting with him and his friends. Bingo Hu said he would be bringing a female friend along and suggested to go to an Escape Room.

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Fans claimed the chat texts were photoshopped and Li You was viciously attacked to the point she had to close her Weibo account. Bingo Hu then said if Ren Hao’s fans continued to scold him, he would retaliate and told them, “Try me. Let’s wait and see”. Lo and behold, Bingo Hu uploaded a video on September 19, showing Ren Hao having a meal with the other people’s faces blurred out. He included the caption, “May I ask if this a photoshopped picture?”

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Ren Hao finally addressed the issue on the same day and said, “If there is an opportunity, let’s all go play the Escape Room together. It’s quite intellectually challenging.” Ren Hao’s fan club also issued an apology to Ren Hao and all the fans for not thoroughly investigating the issue. They explained the original Weibo post listed the outing took place on August 12 and when they verified several times with the company, it was confirmed Ren Hao didn’t attend.

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Bingo Hu’s video showing Ren Hao

Full video: https://weibo.com/tv/show/1034:4550899314655261?from=old_pc_videoshow

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