Fan Chengcheng was a Fan Boy for “Youth With You 2020” Trainee, Shangguan Xiai, on Debut Night

Fan Chengcheng was a Fan Boy for Youth With You 2020 Trainee, Shangguan Xiai, on Debut Night

Since the “Youth With You 2020” (青春有你2) finale ended a little over five months ago, many of the popular trainees have since started their own paths as solo artists. Viewers took a trip back to memory lane through the 9th episode of iQiyi’s variety show, “Mr. Housework S2” (做家务的男人2), when cast members, Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞) and Guo Qilin (郭麒麟), video chatted with the Top 20 trainees a night prior to the “Youth With You 2020” finale night. The boys chatted with the girls and cheered them on for the finale.

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In a preview from the next episode, Fan Chengcheng and Guo Qilin are watching the “Youth With You 2020” live finale. Fan Chengcheng turns into a fan boy once Shangguan Xiai (上官喜爱) appears on screen as the center of her group, performing the song, “A Little Bit”.

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Shangguan Xiai from “A Little Bit” performance

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During the performance, Fan Chengcheng said, “Shangguan Xiai is so cool. Shangguan Xiai is the type of artist who makes other people want to collaborate with her. Do you know?” Guo Qilin responded, “She’s the type that especially has energy.” Fan Chengcheng said, “Especially a lot of swag, you know?”

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Fan Chengcheng and Guo Qilin enjoying Shangguan Xiai’s performance

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While watching the performance, Fan Chengcheng says, “I really hope Shangguan Xiai can debut.” Guo Qilin thought she was a definite shoe-in to debut as she was the center. Fan Chengcheng explained it’s not definite as her ranking was a bit far back. Guo Qilin reiterates, “She has a lot of swag.”

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Although Shangguan Xiai didn’t get to debut with THE9, she has been promoting as a solo artist, a member of her group, Hickey, and was recently announced as one of the 25 cast members of the variety show, “Go! Streamers” (奋斗吧主播).

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